10 ways to make the most out of your money

10 ways to make the most out of your money
Discover new and easy services to help manage your finances

From planning pensions and boosting investment to financial advice and budgeting tips, these are some of the best services that will make your money go further.

Discover how to retire early

JM Finn’s wealth planners can help you understand the complex world of pensions wherever you are on your retirement journey. Regardless of your age and plans, ensuring that your pension pot is managed correctly and will eventually meet your future needs is important. The team can help you with a variety of queries, ranging from how to start your pension contributions and consolidating pension pots, to using your annual allowances.

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Take a new approach to investments

Knowing who to trust with your investments can be tricky. That’s why a handful of private investors, disappointed by the way they’d been served by the personal finance industry, decided to take control of their own investments. Together they formed Saltydog Investor where the team use their experiences and unique insights to help clients to manage their own investments. 過去に 10 年, Saltydog Investor’s most cautious portfolio, the ‘Tugboat’, has not only significantly outperformed cash ISAs and savings accounts, but even beaten the FTSE 100.

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Boost your investment while avoiding risks

The team at Oakmount & Partners has a simple aim: to optimise investment performance over the medium to long term without exposing customers to unnecessary risk. Offering compelling opportunities leading to 2025 以降, the company’s goal is to achieve a greater rate of return on investment for its clients while maintaining the same high level of personal and professional service it has continued to deliver for more than a decade. Oakmount & Partners provides premium-quality, asset-backed and secured investment opportunities with a strategic focus on clean energy, commodities, green mining, tech and IPOs. Subject to status, T&Cs apply.

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Find help in dealing with a CCJ sent to the wrong address


Having a county court judgement (CCJ) on your credit record can make it virtually impossible for you to get credit, as it will show on your credit file as a court judgement for an unpaid debt. Common examples of this are as a result of parking tickets or utility bills being issued to a former address. If you’ve discovered a CCJ that went to a former address, Lender & Court can assist you in establishing the necessary legal grounds and help with the often-difficult court process. Lender & Court is licensed by the Bar Standards Board to instruct barristers.

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Meet the experts who can manage your wealth

Wealthy families can face a unique set of complex challenges such as navigating the demands of regulation and international taxation, while ensuring their money is managed in line with their aims. ロンドン & Capital has skilled experts at hand to help clients deal with these challenges and support them in achieving their long-term financial goals. The private investment office specialises in working with high-net-worth clients and providing an expansive service which effectively manages their investable assets. Organising your wealth into a coherent strategy and investing with a focus could make an invaluable difference to your finances.

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Earn additional income by letting out your home

If you’re thinking about relocating, are a frequent traveller or have a second home that is often vacant, short-term rentals could provide a new source of income and enable you to take advantage of an increased sense of freedom. Since forming in 2014, UnderTheDoormat has welcomed more than 12,000 guests and fully manages over 300 premium homes. The company provides homeowners with the security of knowing their home is occupied through short and mid-lets, from three nights to six months. The dedicated homeowner team looks after you and your home through every step, offering market-leading insurance, guest vetting and personal check-ins for every stay, as well as a professional cleaning service.

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Get expert help planning your finances

We all deserve quality, hassle-free financial advice. The team at Compare Wealth Managers is here to help you find that; through their stress-free, complimentary online service that connects users with wealth managers who can assist individuals in reaching their financial goals. 数分以内に, the team will be able to compare the firms that will best prioritise your needs, taking into account your unique financial situation and guiding you towards financial stability and wellbeing. Using industry knowledge, Compare Wealth Managers gets to know its wealth management partners inside and out, priding itself on being independent and impartial.

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Invest in antique silver and fine jewellery

World-famous international silver dealer Koopman Rare Art has opened a new gallery at Mayfair’s 12 Dover Street, focusing on top-quality English silver from the 18th そして 19th centuries. The long-established company has built some of the most significant collections of the past 70 years and now also specialises in 20th-century fine jewellery, alongside an extensive collection of gold and enamel snuffboxes. One of the key inspirations for Koopman is finding exquisite objects of excellent quality, good taste and timeless design. Silver is a material that can be worked into pieces of great beauty and is an elegant way of presenting a different style of art in your home.

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Reduce your carbon footprint as you spend

Tred is a new green debit card and app launching later this year, which will help you track, reduce and offset your carbon footprint. The Tred card is made from recycled plastic and helps with the planting of trees as you spend: with every tap, you contribute to global reforestation projects. Each month, Tred also gives you a summary of your carbon footprint, broken down into categories such as ‘travel’ or ‘eating out’, so you can see where you’re having the biggest impact and take conscious steps to reduce. You also can offset the impact of your behaviour by investing in projects that absorb carbon from the atmosphere, such as tree-planting and renewable energy.

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Choose your dream car within budget

With CarFinance 247, you can get your car finance sorted quickly and simply so you can start your search for a car with confidence and a clear budget in mind. Apply online and get a no obligation quote with no impact on your credit score. and CarFinance 247 will find you the best deal from its panel of lenders. A dedicated account manager will guide you through the process and take care of all the admin, so you can focus on the fun bit — choosing your dream car.

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The past performance of an investment is not necessarily a guide to future performance. The value of investments or income from them may go down as well as up. You may not get back the amount you invested.


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