11 共和党参议员投票反对乌克兰援助 – 居住

11 共和党参议员投票反对乌克兰援助 - 居住
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Donald Trump is supposedly writing a book on how presidency was stolen from him

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is facing a lawsuit from a campaign group seeking to get him disbarred in Texas for his participation in a failed attempt to get the 2020 election overturned at the US Supreme Court.

Mr Cruz, who formally objected to Joe Biden’s victory in the Senate even after the Capitol was attacked by Trump supporters during the proceedings, is accused of violating legal ethics by participating in the doomed Texas v Pennsylvania case that his state sue several others that Mr Biden had legitimately won.

同时, 作为 6 January committee prepares for a summer of what promise to be shocking and disturbing hearings about the 国会大厦骚乱, 唐纳德·特朗普 has laid into committee member Liz Cheney, claiming that she has taken her opposition to him to extremes. 在接受采访时 华盛顿邮报, he called her a “crazed lunatic.”

The committee’s first public hearing since last year is set for 9 六月.


GOP pushed dozens of ‘election subversion’ bills to hijack results in 2020’s wake, 报告发现

A baseless narrative that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from Donald Trump has fuelled a wave of state-level efforts to subvert democratic elections with legislation that makes it easier for partisan officials to undermine voters, according to a new report.

Pro-democracy groups found more than 200 attempts to change the rules of election administration and strip oversight from election officials, efforts that democratic advocates have warned could invite bogus fraud investigations or try to overturn results entirely.

GOP pushed dozens of ‘election subversion’ bills to hijack results, 报告发现

Republican state lawmakers filed more than 200 bills in 2022 to change election rules and strip oversight from officials in response to a ‘crisis that doesn’t exist’

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简 6 committee says it has evidence of GOP-led ‘reconnaissance’ tours

Republicans claimed that “no Republican Member of Congress led any kind of ‘reconnaissance’ tours through the Capitol on any date” before a pro-Trump mob stormed the halls of Congress.

A congressional committee investigating the attack said the panel’s “review of evidence directly contradicts that denial”.

简 6 committee says it has evidence of GOP-led ‘reconnaissance’ tours

The select committee may have determined whether reports of ‘reconnaissance’ tours led by Republican members were accurate

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Pelosi challenges GOP to reject ‘replacement theory’ after only one Republican backs domestic terrorism bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemned the “extremely disturbing” conspiracy theory central to a racist massacre that killed 10 people in Buffalo, 纽约, and urged congressional Republicans who have referenced so-called “replacement theory” to publicly denounce it.

“Why isn’t everyone in this congress saying I reject replacement theory?” she said outside the US Capitol on 19 可能, joined by members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus and Asian Pacific American Caucus.

Their remarks came the day after a vote in the House of Representatives to establish domestic terrorism offices across three federal agencies, with the mass shooting in Buffalo among white supremacist-driven attacks that federal law enforement has repeatedly warned is on the rise.

Only one Republican, Illinois Rep Adam Kinzinger, broke from instructions from House GOP leaders to vote against the bill and joined all Democrats in support. Four Republicans abstained from voting. It passed by a vote of 222 至 203.

Pelosi challenges Republicans to ‘reject replacement theory’ after Buffalo massacre

House votes largely on party lines to establish Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act in wake of racist killings and warnings from federal law enforcement of extremist threats

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Most House Republicans vote against FDA funding to address baby formula crisis

While congressional Republicans blame Biden for the baby formula shortage, or in some cases providing formula to migrant children in federal custody, an overwhelming majority of House Republicans voted against a measure to provide $28m to help the FDA stem the crisis.

The House passed the measure on a mostly party-line vote of 231 至 192. Twelve Republicans joined Democrats in support.


Sharp remarks come after GOP House caucus opposed formula shortage funding bill

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Liberals are blaming Trump for the baby formula shortage, but is that accurate?

Infant formula in the US is dominated by domestic manufacturers; foreign manufacturers make up only a few percentage points of the total US market share for baby formula, largely due to strict Food and Drug Administration standards for both content and labeling that restricts many European companies from the market.

Trump is facing criticism on social media due to one trade deal, 这 2020 United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement, which established new trading rules for business and trade across North America and placed heavy restrictions on Canada’s dairy sector, long a target of criticism on the US conservative right due to its government-imposed price and import controls.

But there was bipartisan agreement surrounding the issue of restrictions on Canada’s dairy sector, and one of the loudest champions for the issue was a Democrat, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

John Bowden digs in:

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Kellyanne Conway says Ivanka shared couples therapist numbers as Melania backed her through marital woes

Former White House adviser and Trump campaign manager Kellyane Conway claims in a new book that Ivanka Trump gave her the numbers of marriage therapists after her husband – Trump critic George Conway – attacked and insulted her boss on Twitter.

Kellyanne Conway reveals Ivanka shared marriage therapist numbers

George Conway is vocal critic of Donald Trump and backed Joe Biden in 2020 选举

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Michigan’s chief elections official says Trump suggested she be tried for treason and executed

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who has pushed back against a wave of threats after Joe Biden won the state in the 2020 总统选举, said in an interview with NBC News that she was told Trump had “suggested in a White House meeting that she should be arrested for treason and executed.”

“It was surreal and I felt sad,” she told the network, which is airing the interview in full on Thursday night. “It certainly amplified the heightened sense of anxiety, stress and uncertainty of that time – which I still feel in many ways – because it showed there was no bottom to how far [王牌] and his supporters were willing to stoop to overturn or discredit a legitimate election.”

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Legal watchdog asks Texas Bar to suspend or disbar Ted Cruz for trying to overturn 2020 选举

A legal watchdog group that seeks to sanction the lawyers who pushed Trump’s bogus “stolen election” narrative through the courts has asked the Texas state bar to suspend or revoke Senator Ted Cruz’s licence to practice law for his involvement in “frivolous” election lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Texas.

Legal watchdog asks Texas Bar to disbar Ted Cruz for trying to overturn 2020 选举

这 65 Project sent a complaint on Wednesday to the Texas bar’s Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel

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Republicans denied the idea that were ‘reconnaissance’ tours before Jan 6. The committee investigating the attack says evidence ‘directly contradicts’ that.

二月里, Republicans on the House administration committee sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claiming they had “reviewed the security footage” around the 6 一月, 2021 attack on the halls of Congress and said “[knew] 它 [did] not support these repeated Democrat accusations about so-called ‘reconnaissance’ tours”.

But in their letter to Republican congressman Barry Loudermilk, the chairs of the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack said their “review of evidence directly contradicts that denial”.

独立’s Andrew Feinberg has more:

简 6 committee says it has evidence of GOP-led ‘reconnaissance’ tours

The select committee may have determined whether reports of ‘reconnaissance’ tours led by Republican members were accurate

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简 6 committee asks GOP congressman for information about tour he led the day before riot

The House select committee investigating the Capitol attack has asked US Rep Barry Loudermilk to give evidence about a tour he allegedly led the day before a pro-Trump mob stormed the same halls.

简 6 committee requests information on tour GOP congressman led the day before riot

The select committee may have determined whether reports of ‘reconnaissance’ tours led by Republican members were accurate

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