150 protesters demand shutdown of huge chemical plant in Scotland

150 protesters demand shutdown of huge chemical plant in Scotland
‘We have united peoplein solidarity and support for climate justice’ said group Actions Speak Louder than Words

多于 150 protesters took part in action outside a chemical plant in Fife, calling for it to be shut down.

Climate Camp Scotland organised the two-day protest at the Mossmorran site near Cowdenbeath over the weekend.

They want the plant to be closed and for a transition away from fossil fuels to provide green jobs for affected workers.

The protest follows community campaigns against flaring at the plant, which recently reopened following a £140 million upgrade aimed at cutting flaring.

Bryce Goodall, a campaigner with local pressure group Actions Speak Louder than Words, was among those taking part.

他说: “The Mossmorran Action Weekend has been truly incredible.

We have united people in our local community, from across Scotland, and internationally in solidarity and support for climate justice.

This weekend we listened to community concerns and empowered and skilled up our movement ready to mobilise further in achieving a just transition for the workers and communities around Mossmorran and internationally.

Operators of the Fife Ethylene Plant (FEP), ExxonMobil, said in a statement: “ExxonMobil believes that climate change risks warrant action and it’s going to take all of usbusiness, governments and consumersto make meaningful progress.

Our focus includes reducing our emissions, helping consumers reduce their emissions, and developing lower-emission energy solutions, including energy efficiency initiatives, biofuels, flare reduction and carbon capture and storage (CCS).”

Their spokesman said the firm iscommitted to making our operations much quieter and less visible through significant investment at FEP”, including the recent upgrade.

他加了: “The Mossmorran facility is integral to Scotland’s energy supply, meeting the needs of communities nationwide.

Furthermore, FEP directly supports the manufacturing supply chain for important products such as medical supplies, electric vehicle parts and food packaging.


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