47 strålende filmer som ikke mottok en eneste Oscar-nominasjon

47 strålende filmer som ikke mottok en eneste Oscar-nominasjon
Even more surprising when considering some of the films that have actually won

It might sound obvious, but a film getting nominated for an Oscar doesn’t automatically make it good.

Faktisk, there have been numerous deserving films over the years that were somehow overlooked by the Academy.

Sikker, it’s easy to assume that certain films don’t get nominated because they’re not what Oscar voters would usually go for, but there have been some surprises in the past.

For eksempel, pretty much every new superhero film earns a nomination thanks to the technical or makeup categories, while random animated films are acknowledged most likely because of the low number on offer in a certain year.

This means films like DC’s Selvmordstropp may have been mauled by the critics, but still get recognised by the Academy (it went on to win), which is ridiculous when you consider classics such as Don’t Look Now eller The King of Comedy didn’t even get recognised.

They aren’t alone − below are the 47 most surprising films that didn’t receive an Oscar nomination in any category.

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