6 pessoas testaram positivo para COVID-19 após cruzeiro pelo Caribe

6 pessoas testaram positivo para COVID-19 após cruzeiro pelo Caribe
Six passengers from a Royal Caribbean cruise have tested positive after the ship docked in the Bahamas

Six passengers who sailed on a Royal Caribenho ship tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of their cruise and were quarantined, the company said Friday.

The passengers – four adults and two minors – were on the Adventure of the Seas ship for a 7-day cruise that left and returned to the Bahamas said Royal Caribbean spokeswoman Lyan Sierra-Caro.

The adults were all vaccinated against COVID-19, Sierra-Caro said, and one has mild symptoms of the virus while the other three do not. They were not traveling together.

The two minorswho were in the same group but not traveling with any of the four adults who tested positivewere not vaccinated and are not showing symptoms, the spokeswoman said.

All six are americano cidadãos, Sierra-Cano said. They were quarantined and people traveling with them were traced and tested negative, Sierra-Cano said.

Royal Caribbean Group says it requires passengers who are 16 or older to be fully vaccinated and provide a negative test for COVID-19 before boarding, and children who aren’t old enough for the vaccines must test negative. All crew are fully vaccinated, according to the company.

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