7.2m cost-of-living payments made to families on low incomes

7.2m cost-of-living payments made to families on low incomes
A total of £2.4 billion has been paid out to households in England, ウェールズ, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

より多い 7.2 million payments of £326 have already been made to help households through cost-of-living support, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) 言った.

A total of £2.4 billion has been paid to households on low incomes in イングランド, ウェールズ, スコットランド そして 北アイルランド, with a second instalment of £324 arriving later this year.

Payments were made from July 14.

Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey said: “There is more help to come for households, with the second half of the £650 payment arriving later this year and further payments for pensioners and disabled people also on the way.”

The support package will also include a £400 grant to help with energy bills, a £150 disability payment and an extra £300 for pensioner households.

首相 ナディム・ザハウィ 前記: “I know that people are finding things difficult with rising prices and increasing pressure on household budgets. That’s why we’re taking action to control inflation and providing immediate help for households.

“It’s so important that over seven million vulnerable households have received £326 direct payments so far and there is also more help to come, with eight million of the most vulnerable households receiving £1,200 of direct support to help with bills over the winter.”

The DWP will administer payments for customers on all other eligible means-tested benefits, and no one needs to contact the Government or apply for the payment.

Those who are eligible should look out for a payment of £326 with the reference DWP Cost of Living in their bank accounts. The payment is made automatically, meaning no one has to apply or do anything to receive it.

Eligible claimants who have not received their payment yet should not be concerned, the DWP said, as it expects some payments may take until July 31 to come through.