90 Dag forlovede: The Other Way – Meet new couple Victor and Ellie

90 Dag forlovede: The Other Way – Meet new couple Victor and Ellie
Who are Victor and Elli on 90 Dag forlovede?

As the latest season of 90 Dag forlovede: Happily Ever After comes to an end, TLC recently announced the upcoming premiere of separate spin-off show, 90 Dag forlovede: Den andre veien .

The show, which follows “amerikansk men and women who fall in love with partners from distant lands travel to their home countries to begin their married lives abroad”, is now in its third season and is considered by fans to be the best of the franchises several spin-off shows.

Since premiering in 2014, 90 Dag forlovede has received high audience viewer ratings, more than almost any other cable television show in the US according to recent viewing figures. Its two spin off shows, Happily Ever After og Den andre veien, have similarly high ratings.

The full cast for this year’s Den andre veien show have now been revealed.

One of the new couples is Ellie, 45 from Seattle and Victor, 38 from Colombia; the pair are a new couple to the show.

I følge en statement from Discovery, “After falling for Victor while on a trip to South America, the lovestruck couple continued their long-distance relationship for two years.

“Victor lives on a small Colombian island called Providencia, and Ellie has decided it’s time to leave her successful restaurant business and city life in the US for small-town, island living on their little slice of paradise.

“As she prepares to move, the couple’s issues with trust, cheating and financial concerns are dwarfed when category five hurricane Iota passes over the island of Providencia, leaving behind unimaginable destruction. Ellie loses communication with Victor the night before the storm, and after days of silence, she travels to the island, distraught and desperate to locate him.”

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In the trailer for the new season, Ellie says: “Moving to a tiny island in the Caribbean with a man I really haven’t spent that much time with. I’m thinking, I’m insane. But I’m guessing love makes you crazy.”

Later in the trailer, the pair look to have several volatile moments. Ellie can be heard saying: “You always talk down to me. You just talk like I’m an idiotthis is not what I signed up for. It’s the opposite of what I thought I was getting into.” Ellie can also be seen storming out with a bag during another of the trailer’s heated moments.

The pair look set to be one of the most talked about couples on the show.

The show will return on søndag 29 August from 8 pm ET/PT.

Each new episode of the show will be available to stream on Fridays, exclusively on Discovery Plus.

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