90 Fiancé de jour: The Other Way – Meet returning couple Corey and Evelin

90 Fiancé de jour: The Other Way – Meet returning couple Corey and Evelin
Who are Corey and Evelin on 90 Fiancé de jour?

As the latest season of 90 Fiancé de jour: Happily Ever After comes to an end, TLC has announced the forthcoming premiere of a spin-off titled 90 Fiancé de jour: The Other Way .

The series, which follows “américain men and women who fall in love with partners from distant lands travel to their home countries to begin their married lives abroad”, is now in its third season and is considered by fans to be the best of the franchises’ several spin-off shows.

Since its premiere in 2014, 90 Fiancé de jour has received high audience viewer ratings, gaining more than almost any other US cable TV show, according to recent viewing figures. Its two spin off shows, Happily Ever After et The Other Way have similarly high ratings.

Below is a run down on returning season one couple, Corey, 34, from Washington, and Evelin, 28, from Ecuador.

According to a statement from Discovery, “with the coronavirus lockdown in Ecuador lifted, Corey and Evelin can finally start planning their wedding”.

It continues: "Pourtant, things between the couple are extremely rocky after Corey admitted that he almost hooked up with another woman in Peru while he and Evelin were on a break. The truth about this other woman is much more involved than Corey lets on, but he’s not the only one keeping secrets.

“As Evelin’s family urges her to reconsider marrying Corey, she drops a huge bombshell.”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

The trailer for season one shows the pair engaged in multiple tense exchanges. Evelin’s family, en particulier, appear unhappy with her decision to marry Corey.

Le clip, pourtant, also shows Evelin trying on wedding dresses, giving fans of the couple hope that a wedding is still on the cards.

The show will return on Sunday 29 August from 8pm ET/PT.

Every new episode of the show will be available to stream on Fridays, exclusively on Discovery Plus.

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