Um terço das pessoas fica com 'nojo' quando está namorando devido à voz do namorado

Um terço das pessoas fica com 'nojo' quando está namorando devido à voz do namorado
Tinder has also revealed the accent people find most attractive

Have you ever been on a date and suddenly got the “ick”? Você sabe, that feeling where one minute you found someone attractive and the next you don’t even want to be around them?

The feeling became a talking point earlier this year after Ilha do amor contestants complained about itbut new research from Tinder has revealed that nearly a third (27 por cento) de Gen Z daters have got the “ick” because of their date’s voice. Ouch.

On the other end of the spectrum, nearly a quarter (22 por cento) do 1,001 18 to 24-year-olds who were surveyed said they can develop deeper feelings for their date due to their voice and 49 per cent said their dating decisions have been swayed due to the way their date talks.

To get over this hurdle, 16 per cent of users on the dating app admitted to speaking more softly and 14 per cent said they try to “sound sexier”. A mais 10 per cent have tried to make their voice deeper when on a date while 9 per cent have attempted to sound “posher”.

The survey also found the regional accents people in the UK find the most attractive, with the Northern Irish accent coming out on top.

This was closely followed by the London Cockney and Scottish accent which tied for second place, followed by the London Chelsea accent, Yorkshire and Scouse.

A Mancunian accent was deemed the sixth sexiest accent, followed by Welsh, Brummie, joint Geordie and Essex in ninth and West Country closing out the list in tenth.

The most attractive accents in the UK, according to Tinder

  1. Northern Irish
  2. London Cockney and Scottish
  3. London Chelsea
  4. Yorkshire
  5. Scouse
  6. Mancunian
  7. Welsh
  8. Brummie
  9. Geordie and Essex
  10. West Country

Londoner Tom Hardy was named as having the sexiest celebrity accent, followed by Cheshire lad Harry Styles; Birmingham-raised Jack Grealish; Mancunian, Tommy Fury and Bristolian, Maya Jama.

Principal 10 most attractive celebrity voices, according to Tinder

  1. Tom Hardy
  2. Harry Styles
  3. Jack Grealish
  4. Tommy Fury
  5. Maya Jama
  6. Ant and Dec
  7. Laura Whitmore
  8. Iain Stirling
  9. Página Rege-Jean
  10. Jodie Comer

Geordies, Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly were also named as having some of the most attractive celebrity voices, followed by Irish Ilha do amor host Laura Whitmore and her Scottish husband, Iain Stirling. Bridgerton star and Londoner, Rege-Jean Page also features on the list as did Liverpudlian, Jodie Comer.

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