Cuellar のフォーカスへの中絶アクセス, テキサスでのシスネロス流出

Cuellar のフォーカスへの中絶アクセス, テキサスでのシスネロス流出
担当者. ヘンリー・クエラー, 議会に残っている唯一の反中絶反対民主党員の一人, 南テキサス最大の地区での指名の決選投票で、進歩的な挑戦者ジェシカ・シスネロスと対戦します

担当者. Henry Cuellar of Texas, one of the only anti-abortion 民主党 remaining in 会議, faced the toughest reelection fight of his career Tuesday in a primary runoff against progressive Jessica Cisneros that could offer clues over how much abortion rights could animate voters in the 2022 中間期.

Cuellar has come under increased attacks from abortion rights groups over his position in the weeks since a leaked U.S. Supreme Court opinion draft showed the justices are poised to overturn a constitutional right to abortion, のために実施されている 50 年. It would then be up to the states to regulate abortion, unless Congress codifies into law the right to abortion access.

3月, Cisneros, a 28-year-old immigration attorney, forced the runoff after she came within 1,000 votes of Cuellar, a nine-term incumbent, in the primarily Hispanic district with a large Catholic population. Cuellar has received support from fellow Democrats in Congress, 米国を含む. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“It is our fundamental freedoms on the line,” Cisneros told reporters last week. “I am more than happy to do what we can to make sure we are delivering on the promises Democrats successfully ran on in 2020.”

In the closing weeks, abortion rights groups poured money and resources on the ground and across TV in South Texas, where Cuellar has been in office for 17 years and beat Cisneros in the primary two years ago. Progressive leaders including Rep. アレクサンドリアオカシオコルテス, ニューヨークの, とセン. バーニーサンダース, of Vermont, have also come to Texas to campaign with Cisneros.

That has made the runoff another test of whether progressives can topple other moderate, establishment-oriented candidates. Cuellar’s unapologetic defense of gun rights and support of the oil and gas industry, which is a major employer in his district that runs from San Antonio to the border with Mexico, are also out of step with many Democrats.

But Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn said Cuellar has a better pulse on South Texas, where the GOP is taking a bigger swing in 2022 after decades of writing off the region as a Democratic stronghold.

The new optimism by Republicans along Texasborder with Mexico comes after several counties showed a dramatic increase in support for GOP candidates in 2020.

“What the progressives in Washington, D.C., don’t understand is that much of our Hispanic population in South Texas is pretty conservative, sort of from a cultural standpoint,” Cornyn said last week. “And I think Henry fits that district and that temperament and that attitude very well.”


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