Adam Brody says he ‘cannot bear’ to watch any of The OC

Adam Brody says he ‘cannot bear’ to watch any of The OC
Actor rose to fame as heartthrob Seth in the teen drama

Adam Brody has reflected on his time onThe OC, saying he “cannot bear” to watch any of the teen drama now.

Brody played heartthrob Seth in the series, which ran from 2003 to 2007 and followed a group of rich young people and their families in the upper-class neighbourhood of Newport Beach, Orange County, California.

It also starred Rachel Bilson (whom Brody dated at the time), Ben McKenzie and Mischa Barton. The latter recently claimed that her early exit from the show was due to bullying behind the scenes, calling the situation “complicated”.

During a recent appearance on the Life is Short with Justin Long podcast, Brody said it’s hard for him to revisit his work from that time because he was doing a “terrible” imitation of his acting hero Vince Vaughan for the first half of his twenties.

“Despite any confidence I had, I also can’t bear to watch any of The OC,” he said.

“Vince Vaughn was my acting hero. To the point where I’m doing a terrible imitation of him… for most of my twenties. And I’ve since knocked that off. That was, you know, a lot of my acting, for better and worse, in my twenties is due to him.”

He added: “The OC is me doing a chipmunk Vince Vaughn. Even though I’m mid-twenties, it sounds like I’m going through puberty still… I just watch it now and I’m like, ‘Settle down.’”

Brody was hesitant to talk about the atmosphere on the set of the show, but speaking about the fame the young cast achieved, he said: “Honestly, we were in such a bubble. It was pre-social media. We’re filming down in Manhattan Beach. It wasn’t like I had 20 million Twitter followers or whatever. I was, like, dating my costar… We were just in a 30-person social bubble.”

He continued: “Yes, we got more famous, but I was living in Hollywood, I wasn’t around that many places… I felt, like, at once, ‘Oh, my god, I have all these opportunities all of the sudden.’ Then I’m seeing movies and I’m getting cool meetings. But we filmed that show, like, nine and a half months a year. There wasn’t much time to capitalise on it, really.”


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