Adam Schiff defends Christopher Steele dossier on Trump-Russia connections

Adam Schiff defends Christopher Steele dossier on Trump-Russia connections
Intelligence panel chairman defends past statements after principal dossier source charged with lying to FBI

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee defended his past statements regarding a dossier of claims and information about former President Donald Trump created by Christopher Steele, a former MI6 officer, 日曜日に.

The veracity of much of the dossier has been disputed for years, and was never verified by US intelligence agencies. In recent days the dossier’s findings have been challenged further as a primary source, Igor Danchenko, was arrested and charged with lying to the FBI two weeks ago.

Appearing on NBC’s ミートザプレス, Mr Schiff was presented with clips of his past statements in news interviews about the Steele dossier in which he defended the accuracy of some of the dossier’s less outrageous but still newsworthy claims, such as the revelation that Russia’s government was actively seeking to help the Trump campaign defeat Hillary Clinton.

“What I just said in the clip you just played ended up being exactly right, どれが, Steele did reveal that the Russians were trying to help elect Donald Trump, that turned out to be all too true, and in fact the Trump campaign chairman was giving internal campaign polling data to Russian intelligence while Russian intelligence was trying to elect Donald Trump," 彼は言った.

Though many of the dossier’s more fantastical claims about the former president were never proven, a US intelligence community assessment of the 2016 election did support the allegation that Russia’s government sought Mr Trump’s victory over Ms Clinton. The allegation spread by some Democrats and pundits that the Trump campaign actively collaborated with Russia was never proven.

Mr Steele has testified that he never meant for the dossier he authored about Mr Trump’s ties to Russia to become public, though he assumedly knew that the information would be used for opposition research against the Trump campaign given that its creation was contracted through Fusion GPS, a private investigative firm, though the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

The dossier was first published in full by BuzzFeed News in early 2017. Its findings were leaked to the FBI and other agencies during the 2016 election by Mr Steele, and was used as part of the basis for surveillance warrants against Carter Page, an aide to the Trump campaign, as the FBI investigated potential connections between the campaign and Russia.

Numerous top Justice Department officials have testified publicly that the dossier’s findings did not, しかしながら, play a significant role in the intelligence committee’s broader assessment about the 2016 選挙, including the assertion that the Russian government took steps to aide the Trump campaign.



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