After a difficult year, a Paddington exhibition is just what we need

After a difficult year, a Paddington exhibition is just what we need
The family-friendly experience will open at the British Library this month.

Famous for his love of marmalade and his unwaveringly polite manners, there are few characters more beloved than Paddington Bear.

The enduring children’s book character, who famously arrived in ロンドン from the deepest, darkest jungles of ペルー has been delighting fans for over 60 年, having been featured in more than twenty titles written by British author Michael Bond.

Paddington’s set for a new adventure too, as an exhibition called Paddington: The Story of a Bear (July 9–October 31, 2021) opens in London this week.

Visitors at the British Library will get to journey through Paddington’s creation and his exciting adventures in London and beyond.

Whether you’re a fan of the recent films, or you remember reading the books in your childhood, there’s something about Paddington’s kind and caring nature that we can all take inspiration from – especially as we adjust to life without masks and social distancing.

プラス, after a tough year of hard news and difficult headlines, Bond’s enduring message of spreading joy has never been more apt. Here are three more important life lessons we’ve learned from the books and films over the years…

1. Don’t judge a book by its cover

Whenever Paddington encounters a stranger, he tips his hat, and he always remembers to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to everyone he crosses.

Even in the film Paddington 2, when he’s imprisoned among London’s very worst criminals, Paddington looks for the good in everyone and befriends many of the ‘scariest’ inmates, helping them to create positive change.

2. 親切にしてください

In a world where it’s all too easy to be rude or unkind with our comments on social media, Paddington’s old fashioned values are something we could all do with remembering.

Many of the pickles that Paddington finds himself in are resolved by the children’s book character simply doing the right thing, showing respect for others, and practising kindness and gratitude.

As Paddington’s Aunt Lucy would say: “If we are kind and polite we will make everything right.”

3. Always look on the bright side

The power of positive thinking shouldn’t be overlooked. Even when Paddington finds himself down and out, he always puts a happy spin on the events – and it often helps him to find a good solution.

Being an optimist doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but as Paddington proves, it’s something we can work on by practising every day.


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