Ahmaud Arbery’s mother greets verdict as three men guilty of murder

Ahmaud Arbery’s mother greets verdict as three men guilty of murder
All three men involved in Mr Arbery’s death were found guilty of murder

ワンダクーパージョーンズ, the mother of アーマウドアーベリー, spoke in Brunswick, ジョージア shortly after the three white men who chased down and killer her son were found guilty of murder.

“I never thought this day would come, but God is good,” she said to a crowd of supporters and press.

父と息子のグレッグ・マクマイケル, 65, そして トラビス・マクマイケル, 35, and their neighbor WilliamRoddie” ブライアン, 52, faced the same nine criminal charges: 悪意のある殺人の1つのカウント, 重罪謀殺の4つのカウント, 悪化した暴行の2つのカウント, 逮捕監禁の1カウントと重罪を犯そうとする犯罪未遂の1カウント. 男性は彼らのすべての容疑に対して無罪を主張した. 若いマクマイケルだけが悪意のある殺人で有罪とされた.

Malice murder carries a sentence of life in prison without parole or the death penalty via lethal injection.

Prosecutors are seeking life in prison without parole for all three men.

It’s been a long fight, it’s been a hard fight, but God is good,” 彼女は言いました.

Mr Arbery’s mother said she thought in 2020 that she would never see a day when the men were held accountable for killing her son.

Mr Arbery was gunned down on 23 2月, 2020, while he was out jogging. The McMichaels and Bryan saw him running and began chasing him in their pickup trucks. They claimed that they believed he was responsible for a recent spate of burglaries, an accusation that was never substantiated with evidence.

The younger McMichael approached Mr Arbery, a struggle ensued, and the younger McMichel shot Mr Arbery with a shotgun, 彼を殺す.

The defense team for the three men attempted to mount a self-defense argument, claiming the younger McMichael was afraid for his life in the struggle, but prosecutors rejected that argument, claiming Mr Arbery was shot because he would not submit to the demands of the men.

Mr Arbery’s killing was viewed by many as racial in nature, as he is Black and the men who hunted him down were all white. While the possible racial component of the case was not determined in the state trial, a federal hate crimes trial will take up the question next year.

When the men were found guilty of murder, cheers erupted from Mr Arbery’s family and supporters in the courtroom. Outside the courthouse, supporters held signs that readjustice for Ahmaudand chantedno justice, no peace.

Ms Cooper-Jones thanked Mr Arbery’s supporters for marching in his name and praying for justice in his case.

She said her sonwill now rest in peace.


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