Air France pilots abort landing in Paris as plane becomes ‘unresponsive’

Air France pilots abort landing in Paris as plane becomes ‘unresponsive’
The Boeing 777 aircraft touched down safely after performing a ‘go-around’

Pilots of an Air France flight aborted a landing attempt in Paris as the plane became “unresponsive” to their commands and drifted off course.

The Boeing 777 aircraft was arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport from New York’s JFK Airport when the technical problem occurred and the plane deviated from its landing route.

I air traffic control audio posted by Air Live, one pilot can heard shouting “stop, stop” while alarm noises were going off in the background.

He told the tower that he would call them back, and another plane was told to stop its approach to the runway “immediately” while the problem with the AF11 flight was ongoing.

When the pilot reconnected with air traffic control he said they had aborted their landing and were carrying out a “go-around” to make another attempt.

Flight tracking data shows that the plane went as low as 1,100ft before pulling back up to 4,000ft for a second attempt, according to MailOnline.

“We went around following an issue with commands. The airplane didn’t respond,” the pilot was heard telling the tower

“We are ready to resume final approach with radar guidance. Give us time to manage the situation, then guide us with downwind.”

The flight landed safely at 10.30am on Tuesday morning, while Air France confirmed the incident and called it a “technical issue.”

“Air France confirms that the crew of flight AF011 from New York JFK to Paris-CDG aborted their landing sequence and performed a go-around due to a technical incident during the approach,”Sa selskapet i en uttalelse.

“The crew mastered the situation and landed the aircraft normally after a second approach. Air France understands and regrets the discomfort felt by customers.

“The go-around is defined by the authorities, aircraft manufacturers and Air France as a normal procedure.

“The crews are trained and regularly instructed in these procedures, which are used by all airlines to guarantee the safety of flights and passengers, which is an absolute necessity for Air France.”

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