Airbnb wants someone to live rent-free in Italy for a year

Airbnb wants someone to live rent-free in Italy for a year
Airbnb wants someone to live rent-free in Italy for a year

Running away to live in a beautiful Italian village might feel like an impossible pipe dream, mas Airbnb is making it that bit more achievable for one lucky person.

The home sharing platform is on the hunt for someone to live rent-free in a restored three-storey townhouse dentro Sicily for a whole year.

The Italian heritage property is located in the rural town of Sambuca: population 6,000.

Hitting headlines in recent years for being part of Itália’s famed €1 homes scheme, the hilltop commune is in the west side of the Italian island.

Contudo, Airbnb isn’t looking for someone who simply wants to hole up in a rural idyll – the successful candidate will be expected to get actively involved in the community.

“With a newfound flexibility to live and work remotely, one person will be given the opportunity to relocate to Sicily with their family, partner, or friend and move into this uniquely restored house,” the brand states.

“Ideal candidates should be committed to hosting and contributing to village life.

“Their Sambuca residence will take place over a one-year period beginning 30 Junho, with the successful applicant retaining all earnings from hosting on Airbnb.”

This being an Airbnb initiative, the chosen candidate will have to host guests in a spare bedroom throughout most of their stay – although they will be able to keep the money from bookings.

“The host will welcome Airbnb guests from around the world for at least nine months of their year in the €1 house,” says the website.

They will also have the opportunity to up their skills while resident in Sambuca, with Italian language and cooking classes offered.

Unlike other houses in the official €1 homes scheme, which are generally in need of major refurbishment, the Airbnb property has already undergone a full makeover, courtesy of architectural firm Studio Didea.

“The spacious building spans three floors, with plenty of room to work remotely and host on Airbnb,” according to the website.

“The ground floor comprises a small living room, master bedroom with kingsize bed and ensuite bathroom.

“The first floor includes a living room, cozinha, working space, bathroom and mezzanine bedroom with a kingsize bed.

“The upper floor includes an additional living space with a queen-size sofa bed.”

Although applicants can bring family or friends to live with them, the residency is limited to a maximum of two adults and two children.

Candidates should be over 18 and able to speak conversational English, with Italian an added bonus.

Hopefuls can apply at

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