Alleged Marilyn Manson victim refiles dismissed sexual assault lawsuit against singer

Alleged Marilyn Manson victim refiles dismissed sexual assault lawsuit against singer
Plaintiff claims that Manson threatened to ‘bash her head in’ if she reported alleged incident

One of マリリンマンソン’s alleged victims has refiled a 性的暴行 lawsuit against the singer after it was initially dismissed by a judge.

先週, a judge dismissed a lawsuit from a woman (ジェーンドゥとして知られています), who previously dated Manson and accused him of sexually abusing her and threatening her life.

The judge said that the woman’s claims of having repressed memories were not sufficient enough to overcome the statute of limitations and she was given 20 days to file a new complaint with new details.

木曜日に (23 9月), the accuser refiled the complaint with new details of the alleged assault and additional claims that Manson threatened to “bash her head in” if she reported it.

レポート (により得られました 転がる石) sees Doe claim that the event took place in the summer of 2011 and that Manson raped her orally and vaginally.

“She knows that she had repressed her memories at least by the time that she travelled to Australia on July 3, 2011, which was only a week or so later,” the report says.

“Plaintiff was not experiencing any distress during that trip and did not remember what had happened to her.”

独立者 has contacted Manson’s representatives for comment.

In her original filing, Doe accused the singer of rape and “further degrading acts”, including threats that he would kill her and “get away with it” if she reported him.

Manson is facing three other sexual assault lawsuits after Evan Rachel Wood and other women publicly made allegations against him in February.

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マンソン, whose real name is Brian Warner, has denied all accusations.

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