Alok Sharma says he’s gone vegetarian for the sake of the planet

Alok Sharma says he’s gone vegetarian for the sake of the planet
Mr Sharma took inspiration from his own vegetarian daughter

ザ・ Cop26 大統領 アロク・シャーマ has announced he has made the switch to a vegetarian diet to do his bit for the planet.

Following in the footsteps of his vegetarian daughter, 彼は言った 日曜日のメール he took the decision to cut out meat, fish and poultry after she asked him what he was going to “do for the environment.”

彼は言った: “The reason I gave up meat is because my younger daughter, who went vegetarian some years ago and is very focused on environmental issues, basically said to me when I got this role, ‘What am I going to do for the environment?’’’

It comes after George Eustice, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary, 言った 電信 that the government was working on a so-called ‘meat tax’ to curb the impact of global warming.

He said changes to the £3.5 billion EU subsidy for farmers would be changed to incentivise to produce food that is higher-quality and more climate-conscious over the next seven years.

When asked about the potential tax, シャルマ氏は 日曜日のメール: 「最終的には, issues on tax and spend are for the Chancellor.”

“But I would say, my approach on these things has always been about carrot rather than stick. ‘At the end of the day, we ought to be encouraging people rather than forcing them to go in a particular direction.”

日曜日の朝に, Cop26大統領 also swerved questions over the prospect of the Cambo oilfield receiving approval, 言って: 「それは私の決断ではありません, それは私の役割ではありません。」

Mr Sharma was on Saturday evening branded a “hypocrite” by activists for the UK government’s support of the oil field while speaking at the closing ceremony of the COY16 youth conference.

デベン卿, 英国の気候変動委員会の委員長 (CCC), 以前にカンボについて提案しました: 「私たちは本当に、開発が、やりがいのある程度にネットゼロへの移行を助けるような種類のものである可能性があると考える場合があるかもしれないという問題に直面する必要があります。.

「しかし、私たちは常に、あなたがそのいずれかを行った瞬間にそれを覚えておく必要があります, この種の開発が受け入れられることを示すものとして世界中で引用される例を設定しています。」

発言について尋ねられた, シャルマ氏は BBC: "上手, 私が言ったように, それは私の決断ではありません, それは私の役割ではありません.



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