Amber Heard blames Johnny Depp’s teacup Yorkie for faeces found in their bed

Amber Heard blames Johnny Depp’s teacup Yorkie for faeces found in their bed
‘First of all I don’t think that’s funny. I don’t know what grown woman does,’ Amber Heard told the court in response to claims it was a prank

Âmbar Ouvido has blamed Johnny Depp’s teacup Yorkie named Boo for the infamous incident where faeces was left in the couple’s bed.

During courtroom testimony at the couple’s multi-million-dollar defamation trial na segunda-feira, Ms Heard hit back at the accusation that she had called the incident a “prank gone wrong”.

Ms Heard told the court she would not find that funny and was also “not in a pranking mood” at the time after allegedly being “attacked” by Mr Depp the day before.

“Absolutely not,” she said about the suggestion that she staged the incident as a prank. “First of all I don’t think that’s funny. I don’t know what grown woman does.”

“I was also not in a pranking mood. My life was falling apartI had just been attacked on my 30th birthday by my violent husband with whom I was desperately in love," ela disse.

Ms Heard told the court that the dog had eaten Mr Depp’s marijuana as a puppy and had suffered bowel-control issues ever since.

Boo would often share the couple’s bed with them and they would often leave the dog in the bed as if they put it on the ground it would straight away go to the bathroom, ela disse.

That day, Ms Heard said that she and her friend were packing to go to Coachella music festival to celebrate her 30th birthday.

She said that they had left Boo in the bed as they got ready, suggesting that the dog was responsible.

Mr Depp previously testified that human faeces were left in the bed he shared with Ms Heard days after the couple had a fight back in 2016.

He claimed that he had wanted to visit their Los Angeles penthouse to collect some belongings while she was away but learned that “it wasn’t a good time to go down there” after he was shown a photo of “our bed and on my side of the bed was human faecal matter”.

Mr Depp’s security guard and chauffeur Starling Jenkins testified that Ms Heard had told him the faeces was a “practical joke gone horribly wrong”.

He said he had a conversation with the actress where she allegedly made the shock admission as he drove her to Coachella.

“We had a conversation pertaining to the surprise she had left in the boss’s bed, prior to leaving the apartment” said Mr Jenkins.

Ms Heard told the court on Monday that Mr Starling had driven her and her friends back from Coachella but that she “didn’t have a conversation with him”, was never alone with him and was sat in the back of the vehicle with a friend.

Heard voltou ao banco para um terceiro dia de depoimentos quando o julgamento foi retomado após um intervalo de uma semana na segunda-feira..

Depp está processando sua ex-mulher por difamação 2018 op-ed que ela escreveu para The Washington Post onde ela se descreveu como uma “figura pública que representa o abuso doméstico”.

O piratas do Caribe ator não é nomeado no artigo, intitulado “Eu me manifestei contra a violência sexual – e enfrentei a ira de nossa cultura. Isso tem que mudar”.

No entanto, Depp afirma que isso implica falsamente que ele é um agressor doméstico – algo que ele nega veementemente – e que o deixou lutando para conseguir papéis em Hollywood.. Ele está processando por US $ 50 milhões.

Ms Heard está contra-processando por US $ 100 milhões, acusando Depp de orquestrar uma “campanha difamatória” contra ela e descrevendo seu processo como uma continuação de “abuso e assédio”.

O julgamento começou em 11 Abril em Fairfax, Virgínia, com testemunho explosivo jogando dentro do tribunal.

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