American Love Island fan goes viral for hilarious reaction to British adverts

American Love Island fan goes viral for hilarious reaction to British adverts
US fan sparked bafflement over the Compare the Meerkat ads

An American ラブアイランド fan has gone viral after expressing surprise at the oddness of British adverts.

TikTok user @stupidfreakingidiot sparked hilarity by posting a video of herself watching the new series of the ITV2 hit.

“I would just like to say what a fun insight it is into the British world," 彼女は言いました. “I’m watching their commercials.”

As the shot cut to her television set, which was showing the animated stars of the Compare the Meerkat ads, the TikTok user uttered: “Huh?」

She captioned the video: “idk why im surprised their commercials have british accents.”

“Show Sergei the Meerkat some respect,” joked one follower. 別の追加: “Omg I feel embarrassed bestie, don’t look.”

Another person commented that the jarring realisation works on both sides of the pond.

“This is how I feel when I watch American award shows!” the TikTok user wrote. “You guys have lots of adverts for medication.”

“I’d love to know what you can guess about British people purely based off ラブアイランド,” asked one person, to which @stupidfreakingidiot replied: “They’re like Americans but with accents and weirder dating standards/norms.”

ラブアイランド has returned to ITV2 this week following a hiatus last summer due to the pandemic. Laura Whitmore is back to present the show, which revolves around a group of beautiful singletons tasked with “coupling up” with one another in a sun-drenched villa.

Find out more about this season’s contestants ここに.


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