America’s Got Talent contestant almost dies in accident on stage

America’s Got Talent contestant almost dies in accident on stage
Stuntman Jonathan Goodwin fell about 70 feet to the stage

America’s Got Talent contestant, Jonathan Goodwin, almost died after an accident on set.

Goodwin, a stuntman, was suspended around 70 feet in the air by a straight jacket with a car situated either side of him. For the stunt, Goodwin was supposed to free himself from the restraints and fall onto an air mattress below.

According to TMZ, Goodwin failed to free himself from the straight jacket in time before the cars collided in the air and subsequently fell to the floor. They report that there was also an explosion.

The outlet added that he was then air-lifted to hospital where his condition remains unknown.

Goodwin is taking part in an alternative version of the show called America’s Got Talent: Extreme which is focusing on daredevil acts.

The Wales-born Goodwin has previously appeared on the main version of the show as well as Britain’s Got Talent.

He has also made appearances on The Jonathan Ross Show, Balls of Steel and Deathwish Live.

The escapologist also featured in his own special, Dangerman: The Incredible Mr. Goodwin in 2013.

Terry Crews hosts the series which also features the judges Simon Cowell, Nikki Bella and Travis Pastrana.

The show has not yet begun airing but is expected to debut in mid-season.


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