Anderson Cooper calls Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘a taxpayer-funded troll’

Anderson Cooper calls Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘a taxpayer-funded troll’
Anchor condemns GOP’s ‘thundering silence’

Anderson Cooper called Marjorie Taylor Greene a “taxpayer-funded troll” over what he deemed “deeply stupid” remarks on the representative’s part.

Cooper was reacting to recent comments made by Greene, in which she likened Covid safety measures such as mask mandates to the treatment of Jewish people in Nazi Germany.

On his programme Anderson Cooper 360°, Cooper condemned the GOP’s “thundering silence” over Greene’s statements.

“Her remarks come as the country is experiencing a wave of antisemitic attacks,” he said before referencing the recent violent attack of a Jewish man in midtown Manhattan.

“That happened on the streets of New York City last week. So why are these Republicans staying silent?” Cooper added. “If the answer is they don’t want to offend bigots and haters, their silence is a deafening roar.”

Turning to Congressman Steve Cohen, who was featured as a guest on the broadcast, Cooper asked about Greene: “How do you push back on these disgusting comments without giving oxygen to this person who is, at this point, essentially a taxpayer-funded troll?”

Cohen replied in part: “A lot of Republicans today have no experience in government. They don’t have much knowledge of history and they’re just trying to become social media stars, they raise money that way. And that’s what they’re talking about.

“What they’re doing is celebrity through social media, raising money with no sense of conscience, no sense of pride to pass legislation, and no sense of making America a country where people work together and try to have peace and be together in all pursuits.”