Anti-monarchy group launches billboard campaign calling royal family ‘secretive’ and ‘divisive’

Anti-monarchy group launches billboard campaign calling royal family ‘secretive’ and ‘divisive’
They have gone up in 12 cities across the UK including Manchester, Aberdeen and Newcastle

Anti-monarchy グループ 共和国 has launched a new billboard campaign calling for the abolition of the monarchy.

The campaigners, who want the Queen to be replaced with an “elected” head of state, have commissioned 12 billboards to go up across the イギリス 今週, に 都市 including Aberdeen, グラスゴー, マンチェスター, ニューカッスル and Leeds.

Each billboard carries the same message: “Secretive, 分裂的, undemocratic. Abolish the monarchy.”

Other cities that the billboards will be seen in are Portsmouth, Bootle, マザーウェル, Renfrew, Stoke-on-Trent and two in Birmingham.

The group is currently crowdfunding for a further 15 billboards, which are planned to go up in September in London and Wales.

The campaign comes after a YouGov survey in May found that 41 per cent of young people aged between 18 そして 24 believe Britain should have an elected head of state.

This is a decrease from previous figures in 2019 いつ 41 per cent of young people were in favour of the monarchy.

“With polls showing young people wanting an elected head of state, the succession of King Charles will be a major turning point in the monarchy’s history and in the growth of Britain’s republican movement,” Graham Smith, chief executive of Republic said.

“The Queen’s long reign has sustained support for the royals for decades. The Queen is the monarchy, the monarchy is the Queen. King Charles may inherit the throne, but he won’t inherit the respect and deference enjoyed by his mother,” Smith added.

しかしながら, YouGov’s survey found that the population as a whole still supports the monarchy. Of those surveyed, 61 per cent of Britons said they are in favour of the royal family, 一方 24 per cent would prefer an elected head of state.

Support for the monarchy is highest amongst the older generation, と 70 per cent of people aged between 50 そして 64 saying they support the royal family.

Republic’s campaign also describes Prince Charles as “controversial, outspoken and unpopular”.

A separate YouGov survey found that Prince Charles’ popularity has grown in the last year, と 58 per cent of the public now having a positive view of him.


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