AO, Amazon and Scan could restock PS5 consoles today

AO, Amazon and Scan could restock PS5 consoles today
Where can you buy a PS5 today? Follow live for the latest PS5 restock UK updates and news from Argos, Game, Scan and more


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Update: The PS5 could drop at Amazon, AO and Smyths Toys today. Read on for more information.

The PS5 launched in November 2020, but supply problems and a global shortage of semiconductors have slowed production of Sony’s next-generation console to a crawl. New stock is hard to find, and when it does appear the PS5 sells out fast.

July was a mixed bag for PS5 restocks, but we did get a few healthy drops throughout the month at VerySmyths ToysArgosAmazon and Game. As for August? Well, it’s been phenomenal. So far this month, 15 retailers have dropped stock – several dropping more than once – and we’ve still got one more day to go. We’ve seen everything from John Lewis & Partners,  Smyths Toys and Very to AsdaAmazonShopTo and Argos. Last week, we had seven whole drops – could we get an avalanche of consoles to round the month off?

If you’re still on the lookout for a PS5, you’ve come to the right place. Our liveblog is on hand to give you the latest insight on Playstation 5 restocks from all major UK retailers, both online and in-store, as well as providing details on rumoured releases, the latest PS5 games and accessories to snap up.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:


What is Amazon Smile?

If you’ve been following this live blog for a while now, you’ve probably seen us bang on and on and on about buying your console from Amazon Smile if you’re having issues with the main website. But what even is Amazon Smile?

It’s essentially the exact same thing as the main Amazon website, except the Amazon Foundation will donate 0.5 per cent of every purchase made through the site towards a charity of your choice. We recommend checking out via Amazon Smile if you’re having issues because it gets less traffic than the main Amazon website. A drop at Amazon could take place as late as 10am this morning.

Alex Lee31 August 2021 09:36

The new, lighter PS5 is worse than the one at launch

Now that the newer, lighter PS5 is being distributed and falling into the hands of eager gamers around the world, we’re starting to receive teardowns of the console. And it looks like the older version is very slightly better than the newer one.

According to YouTuber Austin Evans, the heat sink is smaller, meaning your PS5 will run hotter when it gets going. Rumours suggest that the change has been made to help alleviate Sony’s production issues. This new heat sink may be easier to acquire than the previous version, for example, or it could be cheaper – helping the company cut costs.

Alex Lee31 August 2021 09:08

When could AO PS5 stock drop?

We’re on the final day of the month and has still yet to drop its haul of consoles. It’s now the only major retailer yet to drop stock in August, so we’re waiting and hoping that today could finally be the day.

AO last had a restock on 28 July, but stock was only available for 10 minutes. It’s not a retailer you should be relying on, if we’re honest. The process to getting a console is arduous – with people having to amend the website’s code using the Google Chrome element inspector, just to get it into their basket.

AO doesn’t seem to have huge quantities of stock available when there is a drop, so the PS5s tend to get snapped up quickly. We’ll let you know as soon as it drops the console. Expect it sometime between 10am and 1pm.

Alex Lee31 August 2021 08:52

Amazon PS5 consoles could drop this morning

We’re going to go through all the rumoured drops before the stock starts rolling in. Amazon is one of the retailers rumoured to drop stock this morning and the avalanche of consoles could arrive anytime now. We do have a few tips for securing stock from the retailer.

The first one isn’t really a tip, more a necessity. You *need* to be a Prime subscriber to buy a PS5 from the online retailer. If you aren’t one, we’d suggest signing up for a 30-day free trial. On 14 July, Amazon made the console exclusively available to Prime members for the first time. It has only ever been available to Prime customers ever since.

Here are some other handy tips:

  • Make sure to use Amazon Smile – a separate website that gives a portion of the cost of your purchase toward a chosen charity of your choice. Amazon Smile gets a lot less traffic than the regular Amazon website, so if there are issues, Smile should work better
  • Add the console to your wish list and then add it to your basket. We’ve found more success checking out this way
Alex Lee31 August 2021 08:37

What PS5 stock drops could we see today?

Good morning PS5 hunters! We’re back. Back and ready to help get you a new shiny PlayStation 5. We didn’t get any drops over the bank holiday weekend, but we could get three drops today to round off the spectacular month.

We could see AmazonAO and Smyths Toys all drop stock today. As usual, we’ll be here providing you with all the updates as and when they happen. Stick around!

Alex Lee31 August 2021 08:21

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