Archie can choose whether he wants to be a prince when he turns 18, says royal biographer

Archie can choose whether he wants to be a prince when he turns 18, says royal biographer
Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex are also allowing their children to decide their titles later

Royal biographer Robert Lacey has claimed that Archie will be able to decide if he becomes a prince when he turns 18.

The biographer has said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may follow the actions of the Earl and Countess of Wessex by letting their son wait and make his own choice.

Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex decided not to give their children, Lady Louise and Viscount Severn, princess or prince titles at birth.

Robert Lacey, whose latest book, Battle of Brothers, explores the relationship and rumoured rift between princes William and Harry, has commented after rumours spread that Prince Charles won’t allow his grandson, Archie, to be a prince.

Lacey said: “It is clear to me that the Queen and her advisers have discussed this issue at the highest level, and that the future royal status of Archie and Lili is not in jeopardy in her lifetime.

“It is possible that Prince Charles may try to remove royal status from the Sussex children when he comes to the throne but that does not seem likely.

“His priority then will be to gain popular support for upgrading the status of Camilla from princess consort to queen consort, and he is not likely to court unpopularity by removing HRH status from Archie and Lili.”

To enable him the power to disallow royal titles for his grandchildren would first require a change in law, which is unlikely to be Charles’ first priority when he becomes the reigning monarch.

Questions around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s children’s status in the royal family arose after the pair made accusations of racism against an unnamed member of the royal family.

In an interview with TV mogul Oprah Winfrey, Harry claimed “concerns” had been raised about how dark their future son Archie’s skin colour might be.

Asked by a member of the press if the royal family is racist, Prince William said they are “very much not a racist family”.

Claims that Charles may not want Harry’s children to have royal titles were made in the Mail on Sunday, as it claimed Charles wants a “slimmed-down” monarchy when he becomes king.

However, when the Queen dies, Archie and Lilibet will automatically receive prince and princess titles because they will be grandchildren of a reigning sovereign.

This rule is due to conventions that have been in place since 1917 and were drawn up by King George V.


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