Arizona governor says state won’t decertify 2020 election results, ‘outcome stands’

Arizona governor says state won’t decertify 2020 election results, ‘outcome stands’
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who chairs the Republican Governors Association, said ‘the outcome stands’

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has said there “will bill no decertification of the 2020 election” in his state after a partisan audit of the results in the state’s most populous county confirmed, once again, Joe Biden’s win.

Mr Ducey added: “The outcome stands and the 2020 election in Arizona is over.”

The Republican governor made the announcement on Friday in a series of tweets following months of unsubstantiated claims by former President Donald Trump and his supporters that the election had been rigged to allow for a Biden win.

“There are some who simply do not trust election results,” Gov Ducey tweeted Friday. “This is a problem, and it’s one that needs to be addressed.

“Elections are key to our democracy, and it should be a priority for everyone to listen to these concerns, and work to rebuild the trust of every voter.”

他继续: “When it comes to the audit, like the three audits that preceded it, it’s now over.”

The Arizona governor’s remarks came a day before Mr Trump was scheduled to hold a campaign rally in Georgia, which he had also called upon to “decertify” his defeat. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger this week gave an 面试 rubbishing those demands and said that the 45 president “knows in his heart that he lost”.

Mr Ducey, a businessman-turned-politician, has been in office since 2015 and also chairs the Republican Governors Association.

The results of the most recent election audit in the state were presented on Friday after months of speculation and showed that, like the other reviews, no evidence had been found of widespread fraud or anything else to indicate that President Joe Biden, who won in the state, was elected unfairly.

“It’s past time for Republican extremists and conspiracy theorists to accept that Joe Biden is our duly elected president,” Democratic party chair and state Sen. Raquel Terán said in a statement to The Arizona Republic.

“Plain and simple.”


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