Asda, TIL, John Lewis and Amazon could all drop PS5 stock today

Asda, TIL, John Lewis and Amazon could all drop PS5 stock today
Hvor kan du kjøpe en PS5 i dag? Følg live for de siste PS5-oppdateringene i Storbritannia fra Amazon, John Lewis, Veldig, Smyths, AO og mer

<p>Will the coveted console restock today? </s><p>Will the coveted console restock today? </s>

Will the coveted console restock today?

Oppdater: Amazon, TIL, Asda og John Lewis could all drop today. Les videre for mer informasjon.

Det har gått åtte måneder siden lanseringen av PS5, men vedvarende forsyningsproblemer og en global mangel på halvledere har redusert produksjonen av neste generasjons konsoll til en gjennomgang. Ny aksje er vanskelig å finne, og når det ser ut, selger PS5 seg raskt.

Når det er sagt, ting forbedrer seg sakte. I mai, Vi så lagerbeholdninger fra alle store britiske forhandlere for første gang siden utgivelsen av konsollen. Comeback vaklet i juni, men lagrene i butikken på Game gjorde en liten gjenoppblomstring. Juli har vært en blandet pose så langt, men lagerbeholdningen har økt tempoet igjen, with four drops last week from the likes of Veldig, Smyths Toys, Argos og Spill. I dag, it looks like we could see a drop at Amazon, TIL og mer.

If you’re looking to get your mitts on a PS5, det er fortsatt håp. Vi er klar for å gi deg den siste innsikten om Playstation 5 lagerbeholdninger fra alle større forhandlere, både online og i butikken, i tillegg til å gi detaljer om ryktede utgivelser, de nyeste PS5-spillene og tilbehøret for å fange opp og mye mer. God jakt.

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Sjekk lager fra PS5 forhandlere nedenfor:


Our top tips for the Amazon PS5 drop

While we wait for Amazon PS5 consoles to drop, let’s go over some of our top tips for the retailer, shall we?

  • Make sure to use Amazon Smile – a separate website that gives a portion of the cost of your purchase toward a chosen charity of your choice. Amazon Smile gets a lot less traffic than the regular Amazon website, so if there are issues, Smile should work better
  • Add the konsoll to your wish list and then add it to your basket – apparently, people have found more success this way
Alex Lee27 juli 2021 08:55

Amazon PS5 stock could drop today

Amazon last had a restock of the disc edition console on 14 juli, and stock sold out within half an hour. It was a pretty lengthy drop for the online retailer, who usually has short, sharp drops. It’s probably down to the fact that Amazon reserved its consoles for Prime members for the first time. Shortly before the drop, Amazon updated the PS5 listing with a message at the bottom, explaining that Prime customers would get priority access. This hasn’t happened yet – so we’ll be waiting to see if Amazon repeats what it did a couple of weeks ago.

The retailer usually releases the PS5 disc edition before the PS5 digital edition, so be aware if you see one go live before the other. You can sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime if you don’t have it already.

Alex Lee27 juli 2021 08:40

Hvilke PS5-aksjedråper kan vi se i dag?

Yesterday was horrendously dry for PS5 stock drops. We didn’t even receive any retailer news from the insiders above. But that could all change today. Amazon,, John Lewis, Asda, ShopTo og Ace Studio are all rumoured to have a restock today. For those who weren’t counting, that’s six whole drops, if we’re lucky.

Be warned that the dates below are mostly based on previous restock patterns, so we might not see all of them come to fruition. We’ll be keeping an eye out nonetheless and will alert you here on the blog as soon as stock drops.

Alex Lee27 juli 2021 08:25

The PS5 restocks should start tomorrow

Been a quiet day, huh? Dessverre, Mondays are always a little dead for PS5 drops, but tomorrow the PS5 restock fun should begin, with drops expected at Amazon, TIL og Asda. Thanks for following along with our coverage today. We’ll be back here bright and early tomorrow morning to provide you with some more PS5 stock updates. For now, have a great evening, and head on over to our main PS5 stock guide for all the latest dates and retailer tips.

Vi har alle detaljer om når PS5 skal være på lager igjen

Hvor kan jeg kjøpe en PS5 i dag? Når vil Sony playstation 5 konsollen fylles på nytt? En liste over hvor du kan kjøpe ps5 fra Currys, Veldig, Argos, John Lewis og mer

Alex Lee26 juli 2021 17:00

Need some new earbuds?

In search of a new pair of wireless earbuds? We’ve tested a range of the latest models in our review of the best, primarily focusing on audio quality, but also checking out the various features and styles currently on the market.

Whether you’re a style-conscious pop lover or a fitness fan on a budget, there’s something for everyone in our earbuds guide. Our top pick are the Sennheiser CX 400BT true wireless earbuds. Our reviewer said that they were a “top-notch” pair for those who don’t want to splash out.

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Alex Lee26 juli 2021 16:30

PlayStation Store summer sale is on now

Been waiting for your chance to stock up on some new PS5 and PS4-spill? This is it. Sony is currently running a PlayStation Store summer sale, with the price of some games being slashed by up to 70 prosent. Demon’s Souls is now just £52.49 at, samtidig som Hitman 3 costs £27.49, reduced from £54.99.

Both games feature in our round-up of the beste PS5-spill – all of which are on sale right now in the PlayStation summer sale.

Leter etter noe å spille i helgen? Dette er de beste klassiske PS4-spillene

Fra historieledede spill til online co-op-eventyr, vi har funnet de beste PS4-spillene fra 2021 å spille nå, inkludert 'God of War' og 'Resident Evil'

Alex Lee26 juli 2021 15:25

Registrer deg på IndyBest-nyhetsbrevet

Want more shopping tips? Hvorfor ikke melde deg på IndyBest nyhetsbrev for å få tilgang til de beste tilbudene og oppsummeringene av ukens må-ha-produkter valgt av IndyBest-eksperter. Slipper inn i innboksen din hver fredag ​​morgen, den praktiske sammendraget inneholder elementer fra våre prøvde og testede anmeldelser fra eksperter i feltet - hjelper deg med å ta det mest informerte valget med dine hardt opptjente penger.

Hent IndyBest nyhetsbrev og tilgang til alle Den uavhengigeSine andre nyhetsbrev nå. Du vil ikke angre. More PS5 stock updates to come.

IndyBest nyhetsbrev – Registrer deg for din viktige ukentlige shoppingguide

Forsikre deg om at du ikke går glipp av vår eksklusive IndyBest-e-post som kommer inn i innboksen din hver fredag ​​morgen

Alex Lee26 juli 2021 14:30

‘Hades’ PS5 launches next month

Hades fans, get hyped! The award-winning dungeon-crawler spill is finally coming to the PS5 next month. PlayStation 5 version runs at 4K at a target 60 frames per second, and it will take advantage of the dualsense controller’s haptic feedback, making it feel like your heart is literally in your hands.

The PS5 version will come with a complimentary download code for the Hades original soundtrack and a 32-page full-colour character compendium booklet with artwork from the game. It is released on 13 august.

Alex Lee26 juli 2021 13:35

An update on Currys PS5 stock

Currys reportedly received a new PS5 disc edition shipment on 19 juli, and it was a tiny one. According to the @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter account, there were only 400 consoles available, and they have been reserved for those who had already redeemed a PS5 VIP passcode in their local store.

For those uninitiated, Currys used to run a PS5 VIP pass draw, in which people would be randomly selected to buy a PS5 from the retailer. It closed to new entrants in early June, reopened again in late June and closed again last week. If you didn’t sign up, vi vil, tough luck – sadly it’s the only way to secure a console from the retailer right now. We’ll let you know if it reopens or if it becomes available again more widely.

Alex Lee26 juli 2021 12:40

Best PS5 games

Although the games releasing on PS Plus next month might be a little naff, there are some great games that have already been released on the PS5. We’ve reviewed a bunch and compiled a list of our favourites in our round-up of the beste PS5-spill.

I Edderkopp mann: Miles Morales (£ 44,99,, Peter Parker is replaced with his awkward teenage protege, Miles Morales. “A next-generation spin-off, Edderkopp mann: Miles Morales refines the original’s formula,"Sa vår anmelder. “This is a streamlined adventure with a more focused story, far less busy work and an endearingly clumsy protagonist still getting to grips with his powers.”

i mellomtiden, Demon’s Souls (£57.99, on PS5 is a showcase of what the new console is capable of. “The oppressive gothic architecture, yawning arches and festering dungeons of this cult classic look spectacular on the new hardware, while remaining faultlessly faithful to the aesthetic and vibe of the original game,” our reviewer added.

Managed to grab a PS5? Here are the games you need to own

Looking for the best games to play on PS5? Here are all of the new console’s greatest titles, from Astro’s Playroom to Resident Evil Village

Alex Lee26 juli 2021 11:45

IndyBest-produktanmeldelser er upartiske, uavhengige råd du kan stole på. Ved noen anledninger, vi tjener inntekter hvis du klikker på lenkene og kjøper produktene, men vi lar aldri dette påvirke dekningen vår. Evalueringene er samlet gjennom en blanding av ekspertuttalelse og testing fra den virkelige verden.

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