Covid omicronバリアントについて、専門のウイルス学者に質問してください

Covid omicronバリアントについて、専門のウイルス学者に質問してください
Ask Dr Stephen Griffin about the prospect of the variant spreading over the coming weeks and months

The country is currently bracing itself for the coming weeks as the omicron variant could see a surge in new COVID-19 infections across Britain even bigger than previous waves.

Scientists in the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (Nervtag), which advises Boris Johnson’s government, met last week to discuss the impact of the new variant in the UK.

“We cannot exclude that this wave would be of a magnitude similar, or even larger, than previous waves,” the advisers stated in minutes from the 25 November meeting.

Results of detailed laboratory studies on omicron are expected in the coming weeks, but both Sage and Nervtag groups have warned it is likely the new variant can escape immunity from existing vaccines “to some extent”.

The Nervtag advisers said mutations observed in the variant “include some that are known to be associated with enhanced transmissibility” and are also “highly likely to result in reduced neutralising ability of antibodies”.

To help answer questions around the situation which now faces us with omicron cases having been confirmed in the UK an expert in virology will be on hand on this page to answer your questions.

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