‘Bar was low’ for Biden’s overseas trip, says Chris Christie

‘Bar was low’ for Biden’s overseas trip, says Chris Christie
President Biden’s trip included a summit with Russian Presiden Vladimir Putin

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said the “bar was low” for President Joe Biden who recently returned from his first overseas trip as the US president but conceded that no damage was done.

Mr Christie, a Republican, said: “I think the bar was low. He didn’t get in conflict with anybody. There wasn’t any kind of difficult moments, except for the one with Kaitlan Collins,” reported ABC News.

“In the end, I think not much was accomplished, but no damage was done. And I think that’s probably all they were looking for … to come out unscathed, no big mistakes, come home, and he can say America’s back … And I don’t think he did anything that made us believe that we weren’t,” said Mr Christie.

President Biden’s overseas trip was aimed at soothing the nerves of the European allies who were often rattled by the behaviour of Donald Trump his presidency.

President Biden himself highlighted that the message “America is back” was central to his agenda for his overseas trip.

“That’s a wrap, folks. I’m on my way back to the White House from my first overseas trip as president. After a busy week, it’s clear America is back, our alliances are stronger than ever, and we’re ready to tackle the toughest global challenges of our time alongside our allies,” Mr Biden tweeted.

The US President in another tweet said that “Diplomacy is back. And we’re ready to work side-by-side with our allies to tackle the toughest challenges of the 21st century.”

During the week, President Biden’s engagements included the G7 summit, Nato and his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. During his engagements, the US president helped focus attention on the importance of containing China in statements at the G7 and Nato summit.

China issued a strident response accusing the G7 of “political manipulation” while cautioning that it will never give up its “right to uphold peace”.


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