Ben Stiller called Sean Penn to warn him about the I Am Sam gag in Tropic Thunder

Ben Stiller called Sean Penn to warn him about the I Am Sam gag in Tropic Thunder
Stiller’s action film poked fun at Hollywood’s more ridiculous traits

I Am Sam director Jessie Nelson has recalled how Ben Stiller apparently warned her and actor Sean Penn that he was including a joke about the film in his own movie, Tropic Thunder.

O 2008 action film took several swipes at Hollywood, including self-serious method actors and money-spinning franchises.

In one scene, Robert Downey Jr’s character delivers a speech that points out how actors seeking critical praise by playing certain roles that can end up being problematic.

“Never go full [R-word],” he tells Stiller’s character about the best way to win an Oscar. “You don’t buy that? Ask Sean Penn, 2001, I Am Sam. Lembrar, went full [R-word]? Went home empty-handed.”

Em uma nova entrevista com The Hollywood Reporter, Nelson said she remembered Penn receiving a heads-up from Stiller that the joke was included in the film.

“Ben had called Sean to warn him and tell him," ela disse. “I understand the cynicism of ‘Oh, if you do a movie about a disabled character, you’re gonna win an Academy Award.’

“But in truth, how many movies are actually about the disabled community? There are so few. Mas sim, people are allowed to razz it and make fun of it however they want. Once you do a movie, you’re kind of out in the world.”

Como THR points out, I Am Sam was in fact a success, grossing nearly $100m (£74m) at the box office and picking up an Oscar nomination for Penn, plus SAG Award wins for him and his young co-star, Dakota Fanning.

Contudo, the reviews were mostly negative, com Variedade calling it “an especially insipid example of the Hollywood message movie”.

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