Bill Cosby free after court overturns conviction – ライブフォロー

Bill Cosby free after court overturns conviction - ライブフォロー
Follow the latest developments as Bill Cosby expected to be released from prison

ビル・コスビー is set to be released from prison after nearly three years behind bars after ペンシルベニア’s highest court overturned his 2018 sexual assault conviction on Wednesday.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court found that an agreement with a previous prosecutor, ブルース・キャスター – the attorney who represented former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trialprevented Mr Cosby from being charged in the case.

Mr Cosby, 今 83, had been convicted of drugging and molesting Andrew Constand, a Temple University employee, at his estate.

The former television star has already served more than two years of a three- to 10-year sentence at a state prison.

He had been prepared to serve out all 10 years rather than express remorse over the allegations against him over the 2004 encounter with Ms Constand.

It is unclear exactly when he will be released from prison following the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision.



White House has ‘no direct response’ to news Cosby will walk free

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has said she has no “direct response” from the White House on news that Bill Cosby will be released from prison after his 2018 sex assault conviction was overturned.

“I don’t have a direct response from the White House to that announcement," 彼女は言いました, according to NBC News National Political Reporter Sahil Kapur.

Ms Psaki reportedly said, しかしながら, that President Joe Biden has, who has previously faced allegations of sexual misconduct, has “long been an advocate for fighting against violence against women”.

She also said Mr Biden is committed to “ensuring that we are raising the voices and stories of people who have been survivors”.

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Cosby Show co-star celebrates expected release

Phylicia Rashad, a former co-star on The Cosby Show, has celebrated the news of Bill Cosby’s imminent release from prison.

“FINALLY!!!!,” the actor tweeted. “A terrible wrong is being righted- a miscarriage of justice is corrected!」

Ms Rashad played Mr Cosby’s wife on TV for more than a decade in the show, with her work earning her multiple Emmy Award nominations.

Previously, she had said that she had never seen any behaviour from Mr Cosby that would lead her to believe he had committed the allegations against him.

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Pennsylvania prison system says Cosby will be released ‘as soon as practical’

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections says it has received today’s court decision.

“Work is underway to complete the necessary paperwork,” the corrections department said in a statement sent to NBC.

“Mr. Cosby will be released as soon as practical," と言いました.

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Cosby’s publicist to pick him up from prison ‘within hours’, レポートによると

Bill Cosby’s publicist Andrew Wyatt is expected to pick him up from prison “within hours”, ABC News has reported.

Mr Cosby was set to be released from prison today after his 2018 sexual assault conviction was overturned.

The broadcaster reported that Mr Wyatt had confirmed he would be picking up his client shortly, bringing Mr Cosby’s time behind bars to an end after nearly three years behind bars.

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Trump impeachment attorney played key role in Cosby’s conviction being overturned

ブルース・キャスター, former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment defense attorney appears to have played a key role in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction.

The found that an agreement with a previous prosecutor prevented Mr Cosby, 83, from being charged.

That agreement was with Mr Castor, according to the court’s decision, with reports confirming Mr Trump’s former impeachment attorney is the prosecutor named in the documents.

ツイートで, CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins sought to eliminate any confusion, 書き込み: "はい, this is the same Bruce Castor who represented former President Trump in his impeachment trial.”

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Bill Cosby could be out of prison ‘in hours’

Bill Cosby could be released from prison within “hours”, 報告によると.

ツイートで, MSNBC broadcaster Craig Melvin said Mr Cosby was expected to be “out of prison in hours,” citing a source.

Mr Cosby is set to be released from prison after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his 2018 sexual assault conviction.

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Read full court ruling overturning Cosby’s conviction

In a ruling that has sent shockwaves across the US, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overturned Bill Cosby’s 2018 sexual assault conviction.

You can read the full court ruling here:

Bill Cosby conviction overturned: Read the full court ruling

2018 sexual assault conviction against comedian has been overturned

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Bill Cosby sexual assault conviction overturned

After nearly three years behind bars, Bill Cosby is a free man following a decision from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court vacating his 2018 conviction on three charges of aggravated in decent assault.

Mr Cosby had been convicted after being accused of drugging and having sex with a Temple University employee in 2004.

John Bowden reports on why the former television star’s conviction has been overturned:


Cosby a free man after 2018 conviction is overturned by state’s highest court

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こんにちは、ようこそ 独立者’s live blog following the latest developments after a Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned former television star Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction.

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