Bitcoin price flash crash triggers market-wide chaos – follow live

Bitcoin price flash crash triggers market-wide chaos – follow live
A bitcoin flash crash on Monday morning has sent leading cryptocurrencies tumbling, wiping more than $200 billion from the crypto market.

A ビットコイン flash crash on Monday morning has sent leading cryptocurrencies tumbling, wiping more than $200 billion from the crypto market.

Bitcoin dropped below $44,000 after falling more than 8 per cent in just a few hours, though even these losses were modest compared to its rivals.

イーサリアム (エーテル) fell by more than 10 パーセント, while Cardano (有る), ソラナ (ソル) and dogecoin all fell by more than 13 パーセント.

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele tweeted that he used the market crash as an opportunity to “buy the dip” and add to El Salvador’s stockpile, however some analysts warned that the latest price dip could form part of a longer term trend.

Other experts remain convinced that any short term volatility will ultimately be forgotten as bitcoin rises to new all-time highs in 2021.

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Bitcoin price crash ‘dead cat bounce’ completed?

The latest price crash has divided bitcoin analysts over whether this is the beginning of a longer-term downward trend, or just a blip on the way to new all-time highs.

According to the pseudonymous Mr Whale, who has racked up more than a quarter of a million Twitter followers with his largely pessimistic predictions, the recent price gains were part of a “dead cat bounce” price pattern.

This is where the price rebounds during a bear market, before continuing to plummet. Mr Whale shared this image today to illustrate the phenomenon, though there has been plenty of pushback from crypto advocates dismissing this take.

Mr Whale puts bitcoin on a path to reach below $10,000 within the next year, though it should be noted that he had bearish forecasts all throughout the 2020/21 bull market.

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El Salvador ‘buys dip’ during bitcoin price crash

Bitcoin price crashes typically prompt one of two extreme reactions from traders and investors.

The first is to panic sell, which is usually the response of short-term holders and those new to the market. This forces the price down even further and induces more fear among other so-called ‘paper hands’, who also sell.

The second reaction is to use the price drop as an opportunity to acquire more bitcoin at a cheaper price. These so-called ‘diamond hands’ are often long-term holders who are familiar with its wild fluctuations but are bullish about its longer-term trajectory.

El Salvador’s president has proved himself to be in the latter camp, despite only recently buying bitcoin for the first time. Nayib Bukele revealed that he has “bought the dip” with a $6.7 million investment into the cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin price flash crash prompts El Salvador president to ‘buy the dip’

‘They can never beat you if you buy the dips,’ Nayib Bukele tweets. ‘Presidential advice’

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Dogecoin founder rides out price crash in typical fashion

Dogecoin founder Billy Markus has responded to the market-wide price crash by sharing a gif of the “This is fine” dog.

The meme-inspired cryptocurrency has seen some of the heaviest losses on Monday, falling by nearly 15 per cent and showing no signs of slowing down.

Having traded above $0.25 週末に, dogecoin is now threatening to fall below $0.20 for the first time since May. Despite these losses, the cryptocurrency is still up nearly 10,000 per cent since this time last year.

It’s not much consolation for Markus, who sold his original holdings years ago and only bought back in earlier this year (though still when dogecoin was below $0.20).

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Bitcoin price flash crash prompts crypto market dip

Bitcoin has suffered a series of mini flash crashes on Monday morning, pushing the price below $45,000.

Having traded close to $49,000 週末に, the cryptocurrency is now back at the levels it was at exactly one week ago.

The price fall has prompted a market-wide dip with other leading cryptos falling by between 5-15 per cent at the start of the week.

トップの 10 leading cryptocurrencies, ソラナ (ソル) has been the hardest hit. The altcoin fell by more than 13 過去のパーセント 24 時間, pushing its market cap down to $41 十億 – $15 billion down from its peak earlier this month.

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