Black Friday India: Best Apple deals to watch out for

Black Friday India: Best Apple deals to watch out for
Apple gadgets too are up for grabs during the sale

It is almost time to indulge in the pre-winter shopping spree as the 黑色星期五 sales are just around the corner.

虽然 India is wrapping up the festive season, it is never too late to grab the products you have contemplated purchasing.

During the last biggest sale of the year, products ranging from electronics, clothing, home appliances to beauty and all more are sold at a heavily discounted price.

这些年来, western retailers have introduced the concept of Black Friday sales in 印度 with lucrative discounts leading to other brands picking up on the trend. The offers on products can range anywhere between 10 至 95 百分.

Black Friday is celebrated in the United States a day after Thanksgiving, which is the fourth Friday of November. This year it will fall on 26 十一月.

This year too retail giant Amazon has its own version of Black Friday sale in store for customers across India starting from 22 十一月.

Amazon’s Black Friday landing page is up and running but the vast majority of deals are yet to be unveiled. We’re sharing a selection of what’s already there and will keep this section updated, so check back here for further selected offers as Black Friday approaches.

Apple Gadgets:

If you are a fan of tech products from 苹果, then perhaps this is the most appropriate time to grab the latest models of their iPhones and other products since the tech juggernaut is known to relatively easy on discounts during this time of the year.

去年, Apple products such as Apple Watches, the AirPods pro, the iPad pro, the latest MacBook pro were offered at a discounted price. This year too, prior to the Friday sale, the company has slashed prices for some of its highly revered gadgets.

苹果 iPhone 12 Pro 512GB: Now at Rs 1,12,900,

The iPhone 12, which was released into the market in 2020, is being offered at a 25 per cent discount. The pro features a flat-edge design with an edge-to-edge 6.1in OLED display and a notch for the phone’s sensors.

The iPhone 12 pro display is made with Apple’s ceramic shield glass technology, offering four times better drop protection than the iPhone 11 亲, and it also has Apple’s TrueTone technology.

The pro offers a large storage size compared to the previous models.

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Apple Watch SE (GPS, 44mm): Now Rs 28,900,

The new Apple Watch SE in space grey aluminium case with black sports brand is now being offered at a 12 per cent discounted price on Amazon. The sleek, yet affordable option offers both versions with either GPS or LTE connectivity. There are a lot of strap options that you can choose to buy separately.

The Apple watch SE looks identical to series 6 and works largely the same. The Apple watch is completely reliable at illuminating the screen with the slightest movement, unlike some rival gadgets.

The watch’s health metrics include fall detection, high and low heart rate notifications, irregular heart rhythm notifications and noise alerts.

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Apple MacBook Air: Rs ₹85,900,

The sleek and classy MacBook Air has an exceptional build quality with an all-aluminium casing.

The Air has a power button with Touch ID built in – a fingerprint scanner that ensures your computer screen locks when you’re away from it and only unlocks to your finger. With excellent battery life, the Air runs all day long. It comes with 8 GB ram, 256 GB storage, Apple M1 chip with an 8-core CPU and a 7-core GPU.

Even if the MacBook Pro is your choice of device, the Air offers almost the same amount of efficiency at a lesser price.

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Apple AirPods Pro: Rs 20,900,

Apple is offering a decent 16 per cent discount on the Airpod Pro with the wireless charging case on Amazon.

The Pro comes with active noise cancellation (ANC) and better audio quality. The extra chunk to the Pro body has given designers enough room to include the extra audio technology that makes these earphones a world above the original AirPods. They have a lovely, warm sound to them, beautifully balanced across the register, our review suggested.

Each earphone has an outward-facing microphone, sensing ambient noise, while an inward-facing microphone listens out for any sound that snuck through the passive noise barrier.

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