Bobby Berk’s Gamechangers: The ‘Queer Eye’ designer’s top products

Bobby Berk’s Gamechangers: The ‘Queer Eye’ designer’s top products
We asked Bobby Berk, Queer Eye’s interior designer, about his must-have products, from his favourite coffee machine to the wireless earbuds he swears by

Bobby Berk is best known as the resident interiors expert on Netflix’s heartwarming series Queer Eye. Fans of the show tune in to see what rapid home transformation the (hardest-working) member of the fab five comes up with each episode, whether it’s finding sophisticated ways to display kids’ art projects or ripping out overhead cabinets to make a less-than-glamorous flat feel bigger.

But beyond the mammoth task of transforming entire homes in a week, the award-winning designer is also hard at work with his New York-based design firm, where he’s in charge of renovating dreamy celebrity homes like Freida Pinto’s Los Angeles bungalow.

On top of that, you’ll find Berk busy launching all sorts of new collaborations and designs of his own – like his recently unveiled bold collection of neon lights made with YellowPop (we’re coveting the eye see you eyes in particular).

It makes sense then that when it comes to his own home, the busy designer’s go-to products are chosen with as much care and thought as the designs used on TV – and they’re just as chic. We asked him for the lowdown on his must-have items.

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The one product I use every day without fail: Nespresso by Magimix vertuo next coffee machine

My day doesn’t really start until I’ve had my morning coffee! The Nespresso vertuo next is great because it can brew five different sizes (depending on how much of a caffeine fix I need) and since it’s super compact, it barely takes up any counter space. I also swapped the pods for a reusable one that I can pack with my own coffee (£29.99,, so that my morning cup is a bit more sustainable.

The most used item in my bedroom: Bose quietcomfort earbuds

Without question, my Bose quietcomfort earbuds. These are the best of earbuds, because they cancel out every sound, from Dewey sleeping, to the frogs croaking (they croak ALL night). I love having these right by my bedside.

The most used item in my bedroom: Xx by Bobby Berk LED neon sign

My other go-to item in my room is easily my “Xx” sign from my collaboration with Yellowpop. It is the perfect illumination that requires no effort. With lights off, it gives off just enough glow, like a candle or dimmed lights would. I love it so much that I even added one in our guest room,  the “Think Differently” sign. My visitors love it too, so win-win!

My workout saviour: Foam roller

I love a good foam roller exercise, but if I’m not working out with Zach (and he’s not telling me exactly what to do) I have a handful of apps that are my go-to. Whether I’m on set or travelling, I need a good workout to keep me motivated.

My WFH essential: ring light

Since working from home became the norm, I’ve come to rely on my ring light to make me look my best when taking Zoom meetings.

The kitchen gadget I couldn’t live without: Vitamix E310 explorian blender

Call me predictable, but I love my Vitamix. From juices to soups to sauces, it is my one-stop shop when cooking because it does it all. I love that it can even clean itself!

The ‘boring’ purchase that made a chore easier: Molekule air pro purifier

My Molekule air purifier. It’s the one thing that I use constantly, helping me not to regret not dusting or cleaning. It does wonders for the air and allergies and with so many germs, it’s essential.

The tech I have to take when I travel: iPad pro

My iPad pro is essential for any flight. I can listen to music, check emails, play games or watch movies, ensuring that I’m always entertained.

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