Boohoo CEO insists retailer does not make ‘throwaway’ clothing

Boohoo CEO insists retailer does not make ‘throwaway’ clothing
The fast fashion brand has pledged to make 20 per cent of its autumn range sustainable

ザ・ chief executive of fast fashion company Boohoo has insisted that its ブランド, which list thousands of items including tops as cheap as £2 apiece, do not make “throwaway” pieces.

の出演で BBC Radio 5 ライブ’s “Wake Up to Money” podcast 木曜日に, 最高経営責任者(CEO John Lyttle said the 小売業者’s data does not suggest that their average customer is buying items to only wear once.

“I look across all of our brands and I look at the number of items and the average number of times a year that somebody buys, we don’t see that as a throwaway.

“Sometimes fast fashion is seen as an ‘I buy it, I wear it once and then I throw it away’. そうです, from the data that we have, we wouldn’t correlate with that," 彼は言った.

Aside from its namesake brands, Boohoo and BoohooMan, it also owns PrettyLittlething, NastyGal, MissPap, Coast, Karen Millen, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, オアシス, Wallis, Burton and Debenhams.

Boohooが直面している 批判 劣悪な労働条件と支払いについて懸念を提起する労働者の権利グループから, 一方、環境団体は、ファストファッション業界の気候危機への貢献についてより広く警告しています。.

Lyttle said the retailer has outlined a “clear strategy” to become more sustainable.

「私たちの全範囲の20%がこの秋に持続可能になります… 40 来年の春/夏のパーセント," 彼は言った.

“I think we’re adapting because we’re becoming more educated about the impact of some of these items.

“As a business it’s for us to adapt and make sure that we are doing everything we possibly can to make that the best product for the consumer, but equally to think about the life cycle of that product as well," 彼が追加した.

きれいな服のキャンペーン, 縫製産業の労働条件を改善するために活動している組合の同盟, has rebuked Lyttle’s pledge, ファストファッションは「本質的に持続不可能」であると主張する.

「もちろん、人々は服が必要です, but not the enormous amounts that companies such as Boohoo are currently producing; 水路の汚染, CO2を空中に送り、その過程で労働者を永続的な貧困状態に保つ,」クリスティ・ミエデマ, 組織のキャンペーンおよびアウトリーチコーディネーター, 言った 独立者.

「位置合わせ 20 「持続可能性」のビジネス定義を持つその生産のパーセントは違いを生むつもりはありません. 実際の全身的な変化が必要です。」

Laura Young, an environmental scientist who campaigns against waste, 言った BBC Radio 5 ライブ that a key issue with Lyttle’s statement is that there is no industry-wide agreement on what is “sustainable”.

“There isn’t a sort of standard that Boohoo needs to meet for that. So when they talk about being 20, 30 または 40 per cent more sustainable, what does that mean to them, to their workers and what does that mean to the environment," 彼女は言いました.

“They haven’t said in detailed steps what they are going to do, so until then it’s just another fancy word they are using to deflect away from the real problem, which is this increasingly rapid scale at which they are producing.”

This need for transparency was also highlighted by Miedema. “As long as Boohoo remains untransparent about its supply chain, it can make every promise in the world without anyone being able to check. Without supply chain transparency, its promises are just empty words," 彼女は言いました.

六月に 2020, an investigation by サンデータイムズ found that a factory in Leicester producing Boohoo 衣類 had continued to operate during lockdown without social distancing measures in place.

さらに, an undercover reporter who worked at the factory for two days was told they would be paid just £3.50 an hour. The UK living wage for people aged 25 and over is £8.72.

In its response, Boohoo said the conditions at the factory, Jaswal Fashions, were “totally unacceptable and fall woefully short of any standards acceptable in any workplace”.

“Our investigations have shown that Jaswal Fashions is not a declared supplier, and is no longer trading as a garment manufacturer.

“It therefore appears that a different company is using Jaswal’s former premises and we are currently trying to establish the identity of this company. We are taking immediate action to thoroughly investigate how our garments were in their hands, and we will ensure that our suppliers immediately cease working with this company,」と付け加えた.

独立者 has contacted Boohoo for comment.


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