Boris Johnson compares climate crisis to ‘fall of Roman Empire’ – live

Boris Johnson compares climate crisis to ‘fall of Roman Empire’ – live
Cop26 Glasgow news: What does Cop26 stand for? Dates, road closures and more


Watch live as climate protesters gather in Manhattan ahead of Cop26

总理 鲍里斯·约翰逊 has issued an apocalyptic warning that civilisation could collapse “like the Roman Empire” unless runaway climate change is stopped.

En route to the G20 summit in Rome, he said the world could “go backwards” and “go wrong at extraordinary speed” unless a deal to halt the climate emergency is agreed at the 警察26 会议.

“Humanity, civilisation and society can go backwards as well as forwards and when they start to go wrong, they can go wrong at extraordinary speed,“ 他说.

“Unless we get this right in tackling climate change, we could see our civilisation, our world, also go backwards.”

“You saw that with the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.”

警察26, the UN climate summit, is set to begin on Sunday in 格拉斯哥, 在哪里 196 world leaders and some 20,000 delegates will come together to commit to reducing carbon emissions in hopes of avoiding a climate catastrophe.


‘We can’t drink oil’: Leaders must commit to ending new fossil fuel projects at Cop26, says Vanessa Nakate

On the eve of the UN climate summit, Ugandan environmentalist Vanessa Nakate told 独立 that world leaders must commit to ending all new fossil fuel projects

“My message to leaders is that their words should really match their actions.

“If leaders are going to talk about going net zero, then they have to start now. They must put an end to investment in new fossil fuel projects.

“Something that I always say is that we can’t eat coal, we can’t drink oil, and we cannot breathe so-called natural gas.”

Climate correspondent Daisy Dunne 报告.

Leaders must commit to ending new fossil fuel projects at Cop26, says Vanessa Nakate

独家的: Ms Nakate will join other young climate activists at protests in Glasgow

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Members of Ocean Rebellion stage demonstration in Glasgow ahead of Cop26

Members of Ocean Rebellion have staged a “dead merpeople” demonstration in Glasgow, protesting global policies towards the world’s oceans, and calling for the inclusion of oceans in climate talks, ahead of the Cop26 UN climate summit.

Andrew Daunton of Ocean Rebellion told Sky News: “No one speaks for the oceans, the oceans are silenced, and they’re not included in the climate talks, they’re not included in the budgeting, shipping gets a free hit, it can emit whatever it likes

“And so we’re drawing attention to the fact that a conversation about climate needs to include the oceans. The oceans sop up more carbon than the trees and when you bottom troll them you release more carbon than the whole of aviation, but they’re not in the calculations or in the conversations.”

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警察26: Man walks in metal ball from Germany to Glasgow

German artist and environmentalist Arnd Drossel walked nearly 700 miles from Paderborn to Glasgow in a giant metal ball to attend Cop26.

Mr Drossel bebgan his journey on 30 七月, rolling his 160kg hamster wheel across Europe, raising awareness of the climate emergency and collecting environmental promises from people he passed along the way.

My colleague Oliver Browning 报告.

Watch: Man walks from Germany to Glasgow inside metal ball for Cop26 conference

German artist and environmentalist Arnd Drossel has walked from Paderborn to Glasgow in a giant metal ball, arriving in Scotland on the eve of the Cop26 climate conference. He began his three-month journey on 30 七月, rolling his 160kg steel hamster wheel across Europe.On his way, Mr Drossel collected environmental promises from passers-by, raising awareness of the climate emergency.“I started my walking inside of this sphere to unite people. We can all take care of our future,” he told Sky News of his journey.Sign up to The Independent’s free Cop26 UN climate summit daily briefing newsletter.

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声音: Our future depends on helping developing countries ditch coal power

Cop26 presents an historic opportunity to help developing economies transition away from coal, writes Malfada Duarte, the CEO of the Climate Investment Funds, one of the world’s largest multilateral funds supporting climate action in developing countries.

“If coal were a country it’d be the single-largest greenhouse gas emitter by a long shot. 在 2020, coal combustion released 13.7 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, accounting for 39 per cent of CO2 emissions.

“To head off the worst impacts of climate change and make the Paris Agreement a reality, we have to break our coal habit for good and hasten the shift to clean energy without leaving anyone behind. This is an imperative everywhere, but the steepest political and socioeconomic barriers to progress are in the developing world.”

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观点: Our future depends on helping developing countries ditch coal power

We can use concessional finance to help developing economies embark on a much-needed energy transition, writes Mafalda Duarte

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警察26: What are world leaders trying to agree upon?

As the UN climate summit is set to begin tomorrow, my colleague, Rob Le Mare, explores what exactly world leaders gathering in Glasgow are trying to agree upon.

Watch: What are world leaders trying to agree upon at Cop26?

警察26, the 26th annual UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, offers world leaders an opportunity to gather in Glasgow to collaborate on tackling the global climate crisis.Heads of state from around the globe will gather to reflect on their existing targets for reducing emissions and discuss more ambitious future targets.This collection of many of the most powerful people on Earth are under pressure from scientists and activists alike to respond to mounting concerns of impending climate catastrophe.Sign up to The Independent’s free Cop26 UN climate summit daily briefing newsletter.

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Insulate Britain protesters walk into moving traffic

Fourteen Insulate Britain protesters walked into oncoming traffic in several locations along the M25 on Friday. Ten were arrested by Essex Police who condemned the action as “extremely dangerous”.

Members of the group are demanding action from the government on home insulation to cut domestic energy waste, a key contributor of climate change, and have blocked roads and disrupted traffic across the country 16 times over the past six weeks.

My colleague Emily Atkinson 报告.

Insulate Britain plan to walk into moving traffic

Action described as ‘extremely dangerous’ by Essex Police

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Climate pilgrimage groups arrive in Glasgow

After walking thousands of miles to Cop26, climate pilgrimage groups have arrived in Glasgow.

Thousands of the activists will join a procession through the city centre at 2pm.

The procession is said to be an “opening ceremony” for a number of non-violent direct actions that are planned around the UN’s climate summit.

Among the pilgrims are Marcha Glasgow, a group of Spanish climate activists who took a ferry from Bilbao to Portsmouth before beginning their 30-day hike to Glasgow. Another group, Camino to Cop26 walked from London and Bristol to Glasgow, while activists from the Young Christian Climate Network walked from Cornwall.

Other activists came from further afield, with the Ecumenical Pilgrimage for Climate Justice arriving from Poland, 瑞典, 和德国.

Alex Cochrane, a member of XR Glasgow, which welcomed the climate pilgrims, 告诉 公共广播: “Cop26 must end a growing crime against humanity by wealthy governments where the global south are sacrificed to bear the brunt of the global north’s affluent, carbon-intensive lifestyles.

“We welcome the pilgrims of faith – and no faith – who are walking to Cop26 to demand governments also walk the walk for the global south.”

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声音: To succeed, Cop26 must address how we direct finance to communities most in need

Danny Alexander, vice president of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, contemplates the upcoming Cop26 climate summit and its potential to avert catastrophic climate change, particularly within developing countries who are most vulnerable to severe weather events and rising sea levels..

“To succeed, Cop26 must address the big picture: the challenge of how we direct finance, urgently to communities who need it most.

“We cannot afford for this Cop to be derailed by geopolitical debates that serve no one, and to be dominated by richer nations.

“It is hugely significant and welcome that so many developed countries have made ambitious commitments to reduce emissions and move to net zero. But to say that these commitments ‘set the example’ for other countries to build back greener misses half of the argument.”

Cop26 must address how we direct finance to those in need | Danny Alexander

We cannot afford for this climate summit to be derailed by geopolitical debates that serve no one, and to be dominated by richer nations

Celine Wadhera30 十月 2021 10:58

G20 draft communique commits to tackling ‘existential challenge’ of climate change

领导从 20 richest countries have acknowledged the “existential threat” of climate change and will commit to taking urgent steps to limit rising global temperatures.

According to a the G20 draft communique seen by 路透社, leaders in Rome will commit to capping global warming “well below” 2C by pursuing “meaningful and effective actions” to limit warming to 1.5C.

“We commit to tackle the existential challenge of climate change,” the draft communique says.

“We recognise that the impacts of climate change at 1.5 degrees are much lower than at 2 degrees and that immediate action must be taken to keep 1.5 degrees within reach.”

World leaders also acknowledged the importance of achieving global net zero greenhouse gas emissions and carbon neutrality by 2050.

Other elements in the draft communique included a pledge to ensure at least 30 per cent of global land and oceans are protected by 2030, a commitment to phase out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies “over the medium term”.

The world leaders also made a number of commitments around coal power generation, pledging to do their “utmost” to stop building new, unabated coal power generation plants in the 2030s, and committing to end international public financing for newly built unabated coal generation abroad by the end of 2021.

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UN President arrives in Glasgow

Abdulla Shahid, president of the United Nations General Assembly has arrived in Glasgow, Scotland for Cop26.

“I look forward to championing the needs of the most vulnerable, advocating to keep 1.5 活着, and calling for clarity and reliability on climate finance,” he said on Twitter.

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