Boris Johnson returns to West Country for ‘working break’ with family

Boris Johnson returns to West Country for ‘working break’ with family
Prime minister cut planned holiday short after one day as Taliban took Kabul

Boris Johnson is taking a four-day working break with his family in the West of England, Downing Street has said.

The prime minister’s official spokesperson insisted that the tripbelieved to be to Somersetwas not a holiday and that Mr Johnson was working full-time while he was away from Downing Street.

The PM cut short his planned summer holiday in Somerset with pregnant wife Carrie and son Wilfred after just one day to return to London as the Talibans seized Kabul on 15 août, while foreign secretary Dominique Raab came under fire after delaying his return from Crete a few days longer.

Mr Johnson’s return to the West Country came shortly after it was confirmed that the last UK troops had left Afghanistan following an evacuation effort which saw 15,000 people removed in two weeks, but thousands left behind.

Downing Street today insisted that the PM continues to have “full confidence” in Mr Raab, amid reports that his cabinet post is under threat. There are “no plans” for a reshuffle, said Mr Johnson’s spokesperson.

The spokesperson said Mr Johnson was “continuing to work” while away from London until Wednesday.

“The Prime Minister is away for the next two days in the west of England but is continuing to work and will be back in the office in Downing Street on Thursday," il a dit.

“He left on Sunday, I believe.”

The prime minister always has an entourage of support staff, including office staff, with him on travels and this is understood to be the case during the present trip.

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