Boris Johnson é visto na Grécia no segundo feriado em duas semanas

Boris Johnson é visto na Grécia no segundo feriado em duas semanas
PM accused of treating final weeks in office as ‘one big party’

Boris Johnson has been spotted in Grécia enjoying his second summer holiday in two weeks despite the deepening cost of living crisis.

The prime minister has been accused of leading a “zombie government” and failing to provide reassurance to families anxious about soaring energy bills expected to hit almost £3,600 this October.

Trabalho accused Johnson of treating his final weeks in office as “one big party”, after he was filmed with shopping for groceries in a supermarket in Greece.

Greek news websites reported that Johnson and his wife Carrie were in Nea Makri, a coastal town near Athens, and only a few hours aways from where his father Stanley has a villa.

The prime minister returned from a holiday in Slovenia only last week, having enjoying a break at a mountain resort which offered “healing energies”.

A Labour spokesperson said: “On the evidence of the last few months it seems to make little difference if the prime minister is in the office or on holiday.”

The Labour official added: “It’s all just one big party for Boris Johnson while the country struggles with the Tory cost of living crisis.”

Speaking on Thursday, Johnson said he could offer new help on energy bills – but the public can expect the next PM to provide extra financial support in tackle spiralling living costs.

He said on Thursday that the government was “making sure there is extra cash” for his successor to dispense, adicionando: “There will be more announcements in September and those will address key pinch points in October and January.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has also been accused of going “missing” during the cost of living crisis as he took a summer break.

Starmer, who insisted this week that his party has been “leading” on the cost of living, is expected to set out his party’s plans to freeze October’s energy price cap rise as part of a “comprehensive” cost of living plan on Monday.

A Labour source said the choice for the party had been between more targeted support for the most vulnerable, or stopping Outubro’s price energy price hike.

“It seemed best to stop the rise happening in the first place,” a senior figure told The Observer on the new Labour policy.

Starmer wrote in the Sunday Mirror that “we will set out how we would help people directly this winter in the coming days.”

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey – who proposed a price cap freeze a week ago – tweeted Labour: “Glad you liked my proposal to cancel the energy price rise. I also have some thoughts on electoral reform that you’re welcome to adopt.”

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