Boris Johnson to snub Sturgeon in Scotland trip – siga ao vivo

Boris Johnson to snub Sturgeon in Scotland trip - siga ao vivo
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Brexi red tape is putting UK manufacturing at risk of serious disruption as vital parts for British goods such as cars and fridges could fall into legal limbo, emergiu.

The UK government has failed to devise an acceptable replacement for the EU’s safety standards system, meaning components needed for use in the UK will not have a suitable “kitemark” to guarantee a product is safe, according to leading figures.

During Brexi negotiations, ministers failed to secure an agreement with the EU to recognise one another’s safety standards, known as conformity assessments.

Enquanto isso, it has been revealed that Boris Johnson will not meet first minister Nicola Sturgeon for talks during a visit to Scotland this week.

O SNP leader had invited Mr Johnson to discuss the UK’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic but the prime minister has turned down the offer, according to a letter seen by the BBC.


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