Boys, 6 and 8, steer car to safety off road in Houston after father shot dead

Boys, 6 and 8, steer car to safety off road in Houston after father shot dead
The brothers thought a rock had hit the car after their father was killed by a gunshot while driving

Seconds after their father was shot in the head and killed while driving a car, two kids — aged 8 and 6 — drove the car to safety in Houston on Friday, according to a local report.

The brothers confirmed to the Houston police that they heard a loud noise around 11pm when their father was driving along the East Freeway. The kids thought a rock had hit the car but then saw their father drop in the seat. The boys took control of the car and steered the SUV off the freeway and pulled into a service road, the report added.

As they reached the service road, the kids, who were not injured, brought the car to a halt and ran out to seek help from passers-by and found a woman leaving a Chilli’s restaurant, the police was quoted as saying by the local report.

The woman called 911, after which the police reached the spot and found the dead man in the vehicle.

Police officials said that the 29-year-old man was pronounced dead after the single gunshot to his head.

According to the officials, the reason and suspect behind the man’s killing has not been identified.

The police officers have said they don’t know if the man was killed in a likely road rage incident but are continuing to probe the angle.

There is no known motive or suspect, authorities said.

A reward of $10,000 has been announced by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner for any information or lead to arrest those involved in the killing of the man.

An investigation has been launched by the Houston Police Department Homicide Division, according to a tweet by Mayor Turner.

“What happened in our city Saturday was tragic. The rewards for the arrest of persons who shot and killed an off-duty @NOPDNews officer and critically injured his friend in the 4700 block of Westheimer and a young father on I-10 near Federal have both been increased to $10K,” the tweet read.


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