Bradley Cooper ‘double’ being hunted by Georgia police

Bradley Cooper ‘double’ being hunted by Georgia police
‘He should be easy to find. VERY recognizable,’ one social media commenter said

Polícia dentro Georgia are trying to identify a man who allegedly shoplifted from a Home Depot storeand the Internet thinks it is Bradley Cooper’s double.

The Henry County Police Department posted a photo of the suspect to its Facebook page and people cannot believe the resemblance to the Oscar winner.

Investigators say that the man allegedly stole a Bosch Rotary Laser Kit, valued at $600, from the Home Depot store in McDonough, Georgia.

“He should be easy to find. VERY recognizable,” one commenter said.

"Nós vamos, this is easy. Bradley Cooper. There ya go,” wrote another.

And another added: “Dang. Is that Bradley Cooper?”

“I came to comment that it looked like Bradley Cooper. Glad I wasn’t alone. But seriously is this not a prank!? Is it not BC!?” Added another.

“Bradley Cooper that you?!?!?” wrote another.

The department has not given any update on the case since posting the picture at the end of July.

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