Brandon Lewis resigns, as Tories publicly reject Cabinet jobs – follow live

Brandon Lewis resigns, as Tories publicly reject Cabinet jobs – follow live
Priti Patel among ministers urging PM to go, as allies say he has vowed to ‘fight on’

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Sajid Javid says he will ‘never risk losing integrity’ during PMQs resignation speech

Continuing a likely fatal onslaught of blows to Boris Johnson’s premiership, Northern Ireland secretary Brandon Lewis has become the fourth Cabinet minister to tender his resignation, warning the Tory party is now “past the point of no return”.

His was one of a slew of fresh resignations on Thursday morning, as David TC Davies, the parliamentary under-secretary for Wales, claimed publicly to have effectively turned down the department’s Cabinet role, vacated by Simon Hart last night.

The collapse in Cabinet support follows the double resignations of chancellor Rishi Sunak and health secretary Sajid Javid, after it emerged Mr Johnson had promoted Tory MP Chris Pincher despite knowledge of misconduct claims against him.

But an ally of Mr Johnson claimed on Wednesday night he had vowed to “fight on”, as the PM sacked housing secretary Michael Gove for calling on him to step down. Attorney general Suella Braverman did the same, also revealing ambitions to replace him as PM – but remains in post.


Courts minister James Cartlidge quits

James Cartlidge has quit as courts’ minister, telling Boris Johnson: “The position is clearly untenable.”

Andy Gregory7 July 2022 08:20

Science minister reported to have resigned after confusion

Amid some confusion following his letter criticising Boris Johnson over whether it signalled his departure as science minister or not, multiple reports now confirm that George Freeman has indeed resigned – bringing the total to 52.

Andy Gregory7 July 2022 08:12

Technology minister resigns

And here comes yet another resignation.

Technology minister Chris Philp has now also gone, saying the “PM should step down given public and Parliamentary confidence has clearly gone, and given the importance of integrity in public life”.

Andy Gregory7 July 2022 08:07

Boris Johnson ‘proving Donald Trump right’, Lib Dem leader claims

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey has suggested that Boris Johnson is proving Donald Trump’s assertion that the prime minister was the former US president’s transatlantic equivalent to be correct.

Andy Gregory7 July 2022 08:04

Pensions minister warns government ‘cannot function’ with Johnson, as resignations hit 50

Pensions minister Guy Opperman has resigned, telling Boris Johnson “recent events have shown clearly that the government simply cannot function with you in charge’’.

By our count, his marks the 50th resignation.

Andy Gregory7 July 2022 08:02

Graph shows extent of ministerial exodus

The Institue for Government has this extraordinary graph illustrating the extent of yesterday’s ministerial exodus in comparison with those witnessed under other prime ministers.

It was reported yesterday that the number of ministerial resignations suffered by Mr Johnson on Wednesday was the highest ever suffered in a single day.

Andy Gregory7 July 2022 07:50

Tory MP ‘makes clear’ he won’t take Cabinet position

Tory MP David TC Davies – the parliamentary under-secretary of state for Wales – has made clear he will not take a Cabinet position to replace the now departed Simon Hart.

“I made clear last night that I will not take the role,” Mr Davies said.

Andy Gregory7 July 2022 07:39

Science minister tells Boris Johnson ‘it can’t go on’

Science minister George Freeman has written to Boris Johnson to tell him he no longer has confidence in his leadership.

Mr Freeman did not explicitly say he was quitting as a minister but his letter made clear to Mr Johnson that “the chaos in your Cabinet and No 10 this month is destroying our credibility” and “it can’t go on”.

Andy Gregory7 July 2022 07:32

Damian Hinds and Helen Whately both resign

Damian Hinds and Helen Whateley have both resigned within a matter of minutes, continuing the ministerial exodus this morning.

Mr Hinds is leaving his post as a justice minister, while Ms Whately is departing as Exchequer secretary to the Treasury. Here are their resignation letters:

Andy Gregory7 July 2022 07:30

What happens next for Boris Johnson?

A defiant Boris Johnson has made it clear he is not giving up his grip on power, despite calls from ministers and MPs across the Tory party to stand down.

No prime minister in modern history has tried to cling on to office in the face of such overwhelming opposition from their own side.

It places the ball firmly in the court of those who believe his position has become untenable.

What are Mr Johnson’s options now and what can be done to remove him from No 10?

Boris Johnson fights on: what happens next?

The Prime Minister has said he is not quitting, despite calls from Tory MPs and ministers to stand down.

Stuti Mishra7 July 2022 07:20