Brésil, le grand Pelé réadmis en soins intensifs après une opération chirurgicale – rapports

Brésil, le grand Pelé réadmis en soins intensifs après une opération chirurgicale – rapports
The 80-year-old left hospital in Sao Paulo earlier this week following an operation to remove a tumour from his colon.

Pele has been readmitted to an intensive care unit after surgery to remove a tumour from his colon earlier this month, selon les rapports.

The three-time World Cup winner’s daughter Kely Nascimento revealed earlier this week her 80-year-old father was out of intensive care at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo and “in a good mood”.

pourtant, it has been widely reported by Brazilian media that Pele is back in the USI because of acid reflux.

The former striker revealed on September 6 a “suspicious lesion” had been detected during tests, prompting surgeons to operate, but vowed to tackle it “with a smile on my face”.

On Tuesday after thanking fans for their well-wishes, he added on Instagram: “I have already left the ICU and I am in my room.

“I continue every day happier, with a lot of disposition to play 90 minutes, plus extra time.”

Perhaps football’s first world superstar, he rose to international prominence when he helped Brazil win the 1958 World Cup as a 17-year-old, repeating the feat in 1962 et 1970.

Officially, he scored 757 goals during a glittering career – club Santos claim his tally was closer to 1,000 – leaving him behind only only Cristiano Ronaldo and Josef Biscan on the all-time list.

Nascimento later moved to allay fears surrounding her father, posting a picture alongside him in a puffer vest and writing on Instagram: “There’s already a lot of anxiety roaming the world these days and we don’t want to be the reason for more.

“This photo was taken just now. He is wearing a vest because he is Santista and the cold in SP bothers him! He is recovering well and within normal range. Promise!

“The normal recovery scenario for a man of his age, after an operation like this, is sometimes two steps forward and one step back. Yesterday he was tired and took a little step back. Today he took two forwards!"

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