Brian Laundrie’s parents are selling their home which was besieged by journalists

Brian Laundrie’s parents are selling their home which was besieged by journalists
Home on 10,000 square foot lot estimated to be worth between $210,000 そして $340,000

の両親 ブライアン・ランドリー appear to be selling their フロリダ 家, which was besieged by journalists as police searched for their son.

The couple put up “for sale” signs in their yard in North Port, の南 タンパ. The home was staked out for weeks by reporters and members of the public wanting answers from the Laundries concerning the disappearance and subsequent death of ギャビープチト, Mr Laundrie’s fiancé who was found dead in a ワイオミング national park after going missing during a cross-country road trip with Mr Laundrie.

The home of Chris and Roberta Laundrie was scrutinised both by the media and law enforcement during the manhunt for their son. He came back home from the road trip in early September without Ms Petito.

The house was the last place that Mr Laundrie was seen before his partial skeletal remains were discovered in a park close to the house in October.

The Laundrie family lawyer announced last week that Brian Laundrie died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Lawyer Steve Bertolino said the gun had been taken from the family home.

“While law enforcement was at the Laundrie home on September 17 to complete the missing person report for Brian, we volunteered to surrender all guns in the home to avoid any possible issue going forward,” Mr Bertolino said, による ニューヨークポスト. “While retrieving and taking inventory of the guns, it was realized one pistol was missing.”

Members of the media are lined up near the home of Brian Laundrie on September 20, 2021 ノースポートで, フロリダ

The family of Brian Laundrie was watched closely during the ongoing drama, with critics at times making unverified claims that the parents were helping Mr Laundrie evade law enforcement.

TMZ reported that neighbours rented out space in their yards for media crews to camp out for as much as $3,500 一週間.

クリス, 62, とロベルタ, 55, helped law enforcement find the remains of their son in less than 90 minutes after beginning their efforts in Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park.

In their first public excursion after the announcement of Brian Laundrie’s suicide, the couple visited that same park on Tuesday for a hike, ニューヨークポスト 報告.

The parents haven’t faced arrests or charges in the case.

Mr Bertolino has repeatedly rejected the idea that the parents were involved in the deaths or in any cover-up.

Brian Laundrie grew up on ロングアイランドニューヨーク, but his parents moved to フロリダ 周り 2017, and Mr Laundrie and Ms Petito moved into the home in 2019.

The estimated worth of the home is between $210,000 そして $340,000 and is situated on a lot measuring around 10,000 平方フィート.


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