Britney Spears’s father ‘faces FBI investigation’ after allegedly bugging her room

Britney Spears’s father ‘faces FBI investigation’ after allegedly bugging her room
New documentary claims Jamie placed recording device in his daughter’s bedroom

Britney Spears’s father is reportedly being investigated by the police over claims he secretly monitored her communications and recorded her conversations.

Last week, a new documentary from The New York Times titled Controlling Britney Spears claimed that Jamie Spears was in charge of a surveillance set up that tracked his daughter’s messages and calls, as well as secretly recorded the singer’s interactions in her bedroom.

In response, Britney’s lawyer accused Jamie of “horrifying and unconscionable invasions of his adult daughter’s privacy”, and called for his immediate removal from her conservatorship.

While Jamie has insisted that his daughter knew about the recordings, Deadline now reports that the FBI are looking into whether he breached Californian law, which states both parties must consent to being recorded.

The Independent has contacted Britney’s representatives for comment.

The “Toxic” singer’s lawyers said on Monday (27 September) that while the accusations made against Jamie in the documentary were not evidence, they “warrant serious investigation, certainly by Ms Spears as, among other things, California is a ‘two-party’ consent state”.

“As a result of these deeply-disturbing allegations, Mr Spears will inevitably be focused over the next several days and weeks on defending his own interests not his daughter’s (yet again). And regardless of the outcome of the allegations, what cannot be genuinely disputed is how deeply upsetting they are to Ms Spears and if nothing else, they magnify the need to suspend Mr Spears immediately.”

They added: “The chickens have truly come home to roost.”

Earlier this month, Britney’s father petitioned the court to end the conservatorship, which has allowed him control of her estate since 2008.


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