Britons’ typical dream home revealed

Britons’ typical dream home revealed
The most desired property is a four-bedroom detached house at the seaside, close to a Tesco, bar, corner shop, coffee shop and market, Rightmove said.

Britons’ dream home is typically a four-bedroom detached seaside property near a Tesco according to a survey.

As well as living in a coastal village, people typically desire two living rooms, two bathrooms, a garden, garage, utility room and an office, de acordo com Rightmove which questioned more than 2,000 people in August.

Tesco just pipped Waitrose overall as the supermarket most people want to have nearby, the poll found.

Rightmove said that, looking at property listings on its website, Tesco, with its large network of stores, is the supermarket that is generally mentioned most often by estate agents.

Aldi was identified in the survey as the most desired supermarket in Scotland and the West Midlands while Sainsbury’s was the winner in Yorkshire and the Humber.

The British sense of thinking practically comes through very clearly

Tim Bannister, Rightmove

And the top amenities people want within walking distance from their dream property are a pub, a corner shop, a coffee shop and a market.

Property expert Tim Bannister, from Rightmove, disse: “Usually you might think a dream home is a mansion with swimming pools and other luxuries, but the British sense of thinking practically comes through very clearly, with garages, utility rooms and home offices the order of the day.

“Perhaps it’s the thought that, if you have a dream home, you want to make sure you’re going to make use of everything. Rather than choosing an outdoor swimming pool only to realise you can only use it a few weeks of the year, you think of a utility room that you know you’ll be using every day.

“Earlier this year, detached homes hit over half a million pounds nationally for the first time, aided by increased demand for more space.

“This means that many people looking to move right now are likely to be looking for a smaller home.”

Here are the supermarkets people would most like to have near their dream home, according to Rightmove:

– East Midlands, Waitrose

– East of England, Tesco

– London, Waitrose

– North East, Tesco

– North West, Tesco

– Scotland, Aldi

– South East, Waitrose

– South West, Waitrose

– Wales, Tesco

– West Midlands, Aldi

– Yorkshire and the Humber, Sainsbury’s

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