Brutally honest ‘divorce sale’ ad features ‘no fun’ marital bed

Brutally honest ‘divorce sale’ ad features ‘no fun’ marital bed
‘Sounds like they had a great relationship,’ one person joked

A woman has shared photos of a brutally honest “divorce sale” furniture ad that was posted to her neighbourhood’s Nextdoor, which includes listings for nightstands that “just held wine”.

The screenshots of the furniture offerings, which includes a marital bed where “not a lot of fun was had,” were shared to Twitter on Tuesday by a woman who goes by the username @Amer1can_Barbie, who captioned the post: “Actual posts from my neighbourhood Nextdoor.”

In the listing, for what the recently divorced man described as a “divorce fire sale,” he explained that he is selling his entire dark wood bedroom set, which he and his former wife used in their master bedroom as a married couple, for $750.

“The mattress alone cost me $6k and is adjustable to help with snoring,” the unidentified man wrote in the post shared to Nextdoor, a social networking service for neighbourhoods. “As it was a marital bed, not a lot of ‘fun’ was had in it.”

The man then goes on to explain that the mattress is in good condition, as he and his former partner used a mattress protector the entire time, before adding: “Mattress is a queen, which is ironic… ”

According to the newly single man, the nightstands, which “just held wine in the attempt to enjoy our lives,” are also for sale, as is the bed frame “with a headboard that never knocked a wall” and a dresser with a mirror backing.

In a second screenshot, the man explained that he was also selling a dining table and chairs as part of the divorce sale, which he described as in good shape “even though I’m sure it’s emotionally scarred [from] a blended family Thanksgiving”.

“My loss (well hers actually ‘cause I’m awesome) is your gain,” the man began the post. “Take advantage of me like the family court system and get a great table and chairs.”

The divorcé then shared the dimensions of the furniture, while noting that his marriage was “from the seventh dimension of hell,” before adding that the first offer of $200 takes it.

The man concluded the post by adding a note about potential scam attempts and the cost of his divorce, writing: “If you ask for my phone number to buy this, I know you’re a robot trying to scam me. Plus, family court took what I have so I’m poor. Not much to scam me out of.”

On Twitter, the post has been met with a range of responses, with many unsure whether they should be amused or feel bad for the man in question.

“I almost feel sorry for that person,” one person tweeted, prompting the woman who shared the screenshots to respond: “I do too – he’s trying to make the most of what sounds like an awful situation – at least his sense of humour is still somewhat intact?”

Another person said: “Ouch….though I feel this, I’d never air my laundry like this. I don’t know if I should laugh or feel sorry for him.”

“Funny and sad at the same time,” someone else added.

Others were more sarcastic with their reactions, with another person tweeting: “Sounds like they had a great relationship.”


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