Burger King has launched vegan nuggets for Veganuary

Burger King has launched vegan nuggets for Veganuary
Taking part in Veganuary? Here are the new plant-based food launches for 2022 from Aldi, Costa, Lidl, Starbucks and more

In 2021, a record number of people signed up to take part in the Veganuary, a challenge that encourages meat-eaters to adopt a plant-based lifestyle throughout the month of January.

Organisers suggested that the surge could have been due to larger numbers of people experimenting with animal-free diets during the coronavirus pandemic.

And if you’re planning to join the swathes of plant-based foodies for January 2022, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s now easier than ever to buy vegan-friendly foods.

Even a few years ago consumers struggled to find alternatives such as soy milk in the supermarkets, but now retailers have started to expand their veganisties offerings to keep up with demand, meaning you can get your hands on almost anything, from vegan meat and cheese to chocolate and ice cream.

Veganuary sees a number of mainstream brands release new and exciting products. Laas jaar, we saw Subway’s all-new meatless Mariana causing a stir, while supermarkets also upped the ante by launching new items and expanding their ranges.

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Hier, we’ve gathered up all the latest launches on offer, from Krispy Kreme’s all-new vegan doughnuts to Aldi’s ready meals. Good luck!


Known for its delicious range of pre-prepared vegan frozen meals, allplants has launched a resolution box to help you smash the Veganuary challenge. You can select any six meals for your subscription, including breakfasts, dinners, sides, desserts and snacks.

Alongside this, the brand has also launched its advice page, which shares tips on going plant-based, including the highs and lows of goal setting, missing cheese and everything in between. It’s well worth a look should you reach a lull. Allplants earned a spot in our round-up of the best vegan subscription boxes, so it’s safe to say we’re big fans of the service.

Visit Allplants.com now


Budget supermarket Aldi has gone all out with its vegan range this year. It currently has a large range of items to choose from on its webwerf, including spicy chicken burgers (£ 1,99, Aldi.co.uk) and vegetable fingers (£1.09, Aldi.co.uk), as well as plant-based milk alternatives.

But the thing that’s really caught our attention is its first-ever vegan cheese (£1.39, Aldi.co.uk), which the brand says tastes just like cheddar and is made using coconut oil.

Available at Aldi.co.uk now


If you’re after a cheesy snack this Veganuary, but you can’t get your hands on Aldi’s plant-based cheddar, then we’ve got some good news: Babybel has launched a vegan version. Instead of being wrapped in the signature red wax, the all-new snack has a green case.

Available at Sainsburys.co.uk now

Burger King

Just when we thought we couldn’t get any more excited about the new vegan food hitting our shelves, Burger King has launched vegan nuggets. The news comes after the fast food chain launched its plant-based burger two years ago, and it’s part of its pledge to make half of its menu meat-free by 2030.

Die Vegan Society-certified vegan nuggets cost £3.29 for six, £3.99 for nine and £4.99 for 20, making them the same price as their meat alternative.

Available in store now

Caffé Nero

Should you be looking to get a quick bite on the go, coffee house Caffé Nero has partnered up with plant-based meat brand This – a favourite of ours here at IndyBest, with its sausages (£2, Morrisons.com) landing a spot in our guide to the best vegan meat alternatives – to up its vegan offering.

On the menu is the choice of a chicken arrabbiata panini (£4.60, available in store from 6 Januarie) and sausage ciabatta (£3.65, available in store from 6 Januarie).

Available in store from 6 Januarie


The coffee shop chain already has a particularly strong vegan menu, and it’s once again teaming up with the Bosh! team to launch a chocolate and pecan slice, made with a tiffin base, dark chocolate and biscuit pieces.

If you’ve not got a sweet tooth, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s launched a vegan macaroni cheeze, and its BBQ chick’n panini will be returning for yet another year.

The limited-edition menu is available in store from Thursday 30 December until the end of January 2022.

Available in store now

Everyone’s favourite dessert brand has launched two new flavours of vegan pudding for Veganuary.

The first one is a chocolate mousse layered with ganache (£3.60, Sainsburys.co.uk), while the other is a dark chocolate mousse with salted caramel (£2, Sainsburys.co.uk). Both sound equally as delicious and are sure to curb any sweet cravings you may have.

Available at Sainsburys.co.uk now

Krispy Kreme

The brand launched its first-ever original glazed vegan doughnut (£10.95, Krispykreme.co.uk) laas jaar, and now for 2022 it has only gone and introduced three new flavours, so you won’t have to miss out on your favourite doughy delicacy.

The treats on offer are fudge brownie bliss, caramel choc delight and apple crumble. They can be bought separately in-store, or as part of a dozen box (£14.45, Krispykreme.co.uk) online.

Available at Krispykreme.co.uk now


The supermarket has announced a stellar line-up of new vegan food, including a stonebaked vegan salami pizza (£1.69, Lidl.co.uk), vegan mini schnitzel (£ 1,99, Lidl.co.uk) and fish fingers (£ 1,99, Lidl.co.uk).

If you’re looking for an easy working-from-home lunch, its new vegan ready meals (£ 1,99, Lidl.co.uk) look like they’ll do the trick, with the option of chilli sin carne, lentil curry and bulgar mix.

That’s not all though – there are also vegan cold cuts and sausage slices, with prices from 99p.

Available in store now


This isn’t just any vegan range, this is M.&S vegan range. The retailer has just added a whopping 175 plant-based food products to its range.

If you’re struggling with ideas for how you can get your Indian takeaway fix, Plant Kitchen’s tikka masala (£4, available in store now) has come to the rescue. Net so, Plant Kitchen’s lasagne, which reportedly took M&S a whole year to perfect, looks as good as the real deal. And if it’s a hangover you’re nursing, Plant Kitchen’s vegan lamb shawarma (£4, available in store now) sounds like it’ll be the perfect cure.

The goodness doesn’t stop there, because it has expanded its range of vegan pizzas for Veganuary, including a sourdough hot and spicy (£ 5, available in store now) flavour, which is topped with plant-based pepperoni, jalapeno and chillies – delicious.

If you’re on the move, you need not worry because its brand new VLT (£3,50, available in store now) is made from wheat and pea protein, vegan baconnaise lettuce and tomatoes all sandwiched between soft malted bread.

As for dessert, the showstopper here is the vegan cake jars (£4, available in store now). Following the Colin the Caterpillar jars that were launched earlier this year, M.&S has developed a plant-based option. It’s a chocolate sponge cake layered with frosting, sauce and decorated with dark chocolate.

Available in store now

Papa John’s

Last year’s Veganuary range at Papa John’s included three new items, including a vegan cheese-stuffed crust and not-chicken vegan bites, which are crispy southern fried poppers.

This year the takeaway food brand is bringing you a brand-new limited-edition pizza: the vegan all day breakfast, topped with baked beans, mushrooms, vegan sausage, potatoes and of course, vegan cheese.

Available at Papajohns.co.uk now


After last year’s meatless Mariana, we were eagerly awaiting Subway’s Veganuary range, and it has arrived with a bang. The fast-food sandwich chain has debuted two new vegan meat options for 2022.

The first that caught our eye was TLC (tastes like chicken) tikka, while the TLS (tastes like steak) sounds equally as delicious. The limited-edition vegan meats are part of a trial and will be available in 350 stores until 15 Februarie, so keep your eyes peeled.

Available in store now


Starbucks UK has finally dropped its alternative milk levy, and it has also introduced three new oat milk latte flavours, including a strawberry and vanilla version (£3.35, available in store now).

If it’s food news you’re after, Starbucks is also updating its winter menu with a new range of plant-based delicacies – notably a tuna mayo sandwich made using vegan fish, red onion, cucumber and rocket.

For something a little sweet, you’ll also be able to find a pecan and caramel brownie to enjoy with your coffee.

Available in store now


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