Can a museum change the way we live?

Can a museum change the way we live?
The world’s biggest living museum is being built in AlUla, but can it be more than just an attraction?

AlUla, a stunning landscape of desert, sandstone and oasis in north west Saudi Arabia, is on the precipice of change.

Through a 15-year development project known as the Journey Through Time Masterplan, this region is being transformed into the world’s largest living museum.

As well as showcasing some 200,000 years of human history in the area, including the ancient kingdoms that gave rise to the Arab language and shaped the culture of the region, it will also celebrate and champion those who live in AlUla today.

But can a museum really change the way we live? And if so, how?

These are the questions being addressed by a panel of international experts in a webinar titled At The Crossroads: The living museum as a barometer of social change.

Watch the teaser above for a taste of the discussions. The full webinar is available on Independent TV.

Learn more about AlUla and the Journey Through Time Masterplan here.