Can contestants quit I’m a Celebrity and still get paid?

Can contestants quit I’m a Celebrity and still get paid?
Both Arlene Phillips and Naughty Boy have said they want to leave the show

Last night’s episode of 私は有名人です… 私をここから連れ出してください! was full of drama, as not one, but two contestants threatened to quit.

どちらも Arlene Phillips そして Naughty Boy heavily hinted that they might make an early exit, with former 厳密に踊りに来る judge Phillips struggling after a night in basic camp “the clink” and music producer Naughty Boy feeling that some of the contestants in the main camp had “no love” for him.

“I do think my time here is done,” said Naughty Boy, while Phillips admitted: “I feel exactly the same.”

But is it actually possible for celebrities to quit and still get paid?

It has been reported in the past that contestants must stay in the camp for at least 72 hours in order to receive full payment from ITV. But when Gemma Collins notoriously quit the show in 2017 after just three days of it being on air, she received a smaller fee than if she had stayed longer.

Following her exit from the show, the reality star said she was going to donate the £4,800 she made to Save the Children.

当時の, a spokesperson for Collins released a statement saying: “The show is three weeks long and Gemma was in Australia for five days, therefore she will receive a percentage based on that.”

It was widely reported that ITV had signed Collins up for the show for £100,000.


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